X-23 (Laura Kinney)

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X-23 (Laura Kinney)

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Real Name: Laura Kinney
Code Name: X-23 (or Talon, if she ever joins the X-Men or New Mutants faction)
Faction: Villains (at time of application)

Age: 17
Date of Birth: July 15th, 1996 (assumed)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110lbs (215lbs with Adamantium)

Played By: Comic Images and drawings

Physical Description: Tall for a female and possessed of a lean athletic build she couldn't get rid of if she wanted to (and she doesn't want to). Her hair is raven black and her eyes a comparatively startling green, set in a face that often carries a naturally severe look of focus and animal awareness.

Personality: Despite Dr. Kinney's best efforts, Laura hasn't developed much of a personality to speak of. She has her father's natural demeanor (whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is usually a matter of circumstances) and a very simplistic perception of others. The behavior of a stranger is either processed through her assassin's education or held as an oddity for being beyond her immediate capability to comprehend.

Laura comes off as quiet and often wary of others, though there isn't an ounce of shyness in her being to be had. She likes to observe and predict others, giving her a preference for the reliable types (good or bad) over anyone with a fluid approach to the world. She hasn't developed enough personal awareness to be made angry by much of anything but will react to physical threats and barriers to her intentions efficiently.

For a reason that even she hasn't completely comprehended yet, Laura is a cutter and has used her claws to do so since she was young.

Powers: As a clone of James Logan Howlett, Laura has almost all the same powers as her 'father'. On the other hand, being that she is still only in her teens Laura has yet to develop her skills with her powers to the same level that Logan has.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Laura's primary mutant ability is an accelerated healing factor. She can generate even massive injuries that result in extensive tissue damage, blood loss, and even massive impact. She has even been portrayed as capable of regrowing severed limbs on her own. Her healing factor appears to be somewhat affected by her mental state as battle wounds are portrayed as healing very quickly but her self-inflicted cuts appear to remain visible for some time.

Laura's healing factor has several extended benefits worth noting such as an immunity to foreign chemicals like poisons and drugs. This can be overcome for a relative period of time by exposure to massive doses. Another extension benefit is presumed to be immune to all earthly diseases and infections. Also, presumably, Laura possesses her fathers unnatural longevity.

Superhuman Senses: Laura has senses comparable to those of certain animals. She is capable of seeing at great distances with perfect clarity, including in nearly complete darkness. Her hearing works at a greater distance and across a greater range than a normal human's and can use her sense of smell to identify people and track them with incredible accuracy even in counter-productive conditions.

Superhuman Stamina, Agility, and Reflexes: Laura's body produces significantly less fatigue toxins during intensive physical exertion than ordinary humans, allowing her to operate at peak performance for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to impair her abilities. On that subject, her physical abilities are enhanced to such a degree that she remains superhumanly agile and reflexive beyond the limits of even the finest human athletes. On the other hand, while her strength is, in fact, enhanced by her physiology her slighter build when compared to her father has limited her ability to lift to a maximum more in the 800lb range.

Adamantium Claws & Skeleton: Laura's skeletal structure includes six claws, two in each arm and one in each foot. All of these claws and the rest of her skeletal structure have been coated (in the case of the claws) or reinforced with (in the case of the rest of her bone structure) with Adamantium in much the same manner as Logan.

Weaknesses: Up until she escaped The Facility about six months prior to her introduction to game, Laura had only ever interacted with other living, thinking beings in a military and/or violent medium. She has little to no social skills and often understands no dynamic outside of a chain of command (of which she is almost entirely accustomed to being at the bottom of). The only exception to this was her relationship with her 'mother', Dr. Sarah Kinney, though that too also had all the hallmarks of the subservient daughter.

Due to her conditioning in The Facility's derivative Weapon X program, Laura is susceptible to an induced Berserk Rage in which she kills whatever comes to hand for as long as she is exposed to the trigger. She hopes that the trigger has been lost due to her destruction of The Facility's resources during her escape.

Skills: Laura has expert level training in Covert Ops, Tracking (especially when making use of her supernatural scenting ability), Martial Arts (though she follows no particular style exclusively), and the peculiarities of Acrobatics and Gymnastics. As a natural asset Laura is a gifted student and thinker, being multilingual (speaking American English, French, and Japanese fluently) and able to process multiple sources of information so as to rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.

Equipment/Weaponry: Her Adamantium coated claws, all other gear is non-inherent and subject to her ability to acquire it while without the support network she was accustomed to while performing missions for The Facility.

Known Relatives: Dr. Sarah Kinney (Mother, deceased), Deborah Kinney (Aunt), Megan Kinney (Cousin)

History: X-23 is the result of a top-secret program put into motion in an attempt to recreate the results of the original Weapon X program when it involved the mutant known as Wolverine. Unfortunately, after much searching and deaths, the program was forced to admit that they were unable to acquire a test subject who could survive the bonding process of Adamantium to skeletal structure. A command decision was made and the project's director, a Doctor Martin Sutter, recruited a well known and respected geneticist named Dr. Sarah Kinney to create a clone of Wolverine.

Immediately, this new direction ran into a problem. The only available genetic sample from Weapon X was damaged and the team was unable to salvage the Y chromosome even after 22 attempts to do so. Finally, Dr. Kinney made the decision to create a female clone instead, using some of her own genetics to complete the missing pieces of the DNA sample. Dr. Sutter was informed and upon seeing the results as viable decided to allow the project to continue with the new specimen. However, Dr. Zander Rice (the son of a scientist on the original Weapon X program whom was killed by Wolverine) managed to begin exacting a sort of indirect revenge by forcing Dr. Kinney to be the surrogate mother for the clone.

In 1996, Dr. Sarah Kinney gave birth to X-23.

For the next seven years the subject known only as X-23 was raised entirely in captivity, undergoing extensive training to be a military asset and assassin for The Facility. It was at this point that Dr. Rice had X-23 subjected to radiation poisoning in order to activate her mutant gene, forcibly extracting her claws and having them coated with Adamantium. Shortly there after Rice decided that the child was growing soft, blaming it on her combat instructor for being one of the very few people who treated X-23 with any degree of kindness. So, Rice made the first official test of a compound that had been developed in conjunction with X-23's conditioning, using this 'trigger scent' to induce her into a murderous rage in which she took the life of her combat instructor.

As a back handed 'reward' from the constantly cruel Rice, a new instructor named Kimura was brought in who immediately punished X-23 for the death of her original instructor. Thus began a cycle of reward-less service. Three years later, at the tender young age of 10 years, X-23 was sent on her first mission, killing then presidential candidate Greg Johnson. The entire thing was a marketing ploy, a way to advertise her skills, and for the several years X-23's services were sold to the highest bidder. Saudia Arabia, Las Vegas, Japan, Colombia, the Congo, and many other locations. Skills, languages, and experience flowed like so much water. In one case Rice even abandoned X-23 on a particularly dangerous mission and she managed to complete the mission, survive, and return to The Facility on her own.

She was punished by Kimura for not returning with Rice.

Once, during this period, Sarah Kinney let her out once in order to use X-23 in the quest to locate and rescue Sarah's niece, Megan, who had been kidnapped. X-23 located and rescued the girl with ease. Unfortunately, during this misadventure, Dr. Rice convinced Dr. Sutter to hand over control of the program. When X-23 returned she was secretly tasked with eliminating Dr. Sutter and his entire family. X-23 killed Sutter and his wife but left their son, leaving the boy alive in her wake. Afterward, as yet another 'not-reward', Rice completed the cycle of testing by having X-23's bones finally grafted with Adamantium. While this procedure was underway Rice took the opportunity to reveal to Dr. Kinney that he had begun cloning X-23 in order to create a small army of mutant killers.

He then fired her. Before fleeing The Facility, Dr. Kinney put into motion a plan she had been developing for a long time. She sent The Facility's security systems into full diagnostic shut down and giving X-23 one last mission, to destroy the pods and kill Dr. Rice. Like all of her missions before X-23 performed that one with little to no deviation, killing Rice and destroying the pods along with half the personnel in The Facility as well. Alas, Rice had a measure of revenge from beyond the grave, having already exposed Dr. Kinney to the trigger scent. When X-23 caught up with her mother she flew into a murderous rage, slaying her mother. As Dr. Sarah Kinney lay dying in her daughter's arms she named her.

Laura Kinney was born that day, baptized in her mother's blood. Laura fled to New York, the only place she could think of, in search of her aunt and cousin, respectively... unfortunately she encountered Mr. Sinister first and, wanting to keep the obviously harmful man away from her family, she accompanied him back to the Xavier Mansion without comment. Perhaps she would have departed upon her first opportunity but she knew she was being watched by both Sinister and another mutant called Professor Xavier. She encountered a girl with the scent of madness and a mutant not unlike herself who called himself Sabretooth while there. But most importantly she encountered the scent of herself, particularly strong in one room, but... wrong. Different.


Writing Sample:

Laura sat quietly upon the ramparts of the Mansion, watching the weather change so rapidly it could not possibly be natural. Sinister, all sneers, metallic looking skin, artificial... was standing off against a black woman with stark white hair and that hair was flowing wildly in the wind that Laura was almost entirely certain the woman herself was creating. It had to be caught in snips and snaps, the scent of the woman carried on the violent winds as Laura took it in and filed it away. Another enemy of Sinister.

The woman began to lift off and a bite of pain caught Laura's attention, causing her to glance down at her arm where a blade she hadn't realized she'd extended was biting into her exposed forearm once again. The metal felt good against the pain, coll against the burning cut it was creating in a paradoxical moment of pure bleeding life. Laura didn't even blink as she raised her eyes once more to regard the event occurring below, her face impassive at the purely academic moment unfolding before her. The woman was in the air one moment, a flash of light from where Sinister stood, and the woman keeled over in the air, falling toward the ground.

It didn't last long nor did it end in the bone crunching impact that Laura expected. No, the woman managed to recover from whatever Sinister had done. More importantly, the woman made the wise decision to withdraw from the face-off. Sinister was many thing... many creepy things, but a brave warrior was not one of them. He would not engage in any battle he thought even remotely evenly matched, he kept minions for that sort of things. Monstrous creations and the mad redhead downstairs. Sabretooth as well. Those were for fair fights, Sinister only came out for sure things so if he'd stepped up to the white hair-ed woman then it was because he was absolutely sure he was going to be the victor.

The woman withdrew quickly and a satellite dish on the roof of the building, somewhere behind her, began turning to find the associated satellite in orbit about the Earth. Through the odd game that Xavier was playing with the country's government he was no doubt about to report that the mansion had been assaulted by a concentrated but short-lived apparent mutant related manipulation of the weather. That would keep the government from investigating the matter in any real detail, meaning Xavier's experiments with Sinister would be safe from prying eyes for a little while longer. Yes, Laura had an incredibly accurate grasp of the tactical situation around her.

She just didn't have any use for the information yet.

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