Fen Lokison

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Fen Lokison

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Name: Fenris Lokison
Player: Troile
Calling: Gang Sgt-at-Arms
Nature: Competitor
Pantheon: The Aesir
God: Loki
(Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Chaos, Fire, Jotunblut, Magic)




Animal Ken:2
Art: 2 (violin)
Control:1 (motorcycles)

Creature: 2
Relic: 3 (torc)

Darkness 1 (Night Eyes)
Fire 1 (Fire Immunity)
Magic 2 (The Unlidded Eye, Evil Eye)

Willpower: 6


Epic Str: 2 (Crushing Grip, Uplifting Might)
Epic Stamina: 2 (Self-Healing, Solipsistic Well-Being)
Epic Wits: 2 (Meditative Focus, Rabbit Reflexes)

Legend: 3
Points: 9



Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Sex: Male
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 290
Race: Nordic
Nationality: American

Gear & Equipment


Night Eyes: Darkness no longer inflicts visibility penalties on the character. He can see in pitch-blackness almost as well as he can see in bright sunlight, losing only the ability to perceive colors. (Objects he sees in darkness and black-on-black yet perfectly distinguishable in a way that's conveniently impossible to describe to someone who doesn't have this Boon.) The Scion cannot see through physical impediments, however.

Fire Immunity: The Scion takes no damage from fire, he need never worry about suffering from smoke inhalation, and even the most intense heat is nothing more than a comfortable warmth to him. This immunity remains in effect regardless of what substance is burning. It doesn't however, extend to his clothes or to any item except the Birthright through which he channels the boon.


Crushing Grip: The Scion is a fearsome wrestler and grappler not to be trifled with. When he's locked in a clinch and has taken control of it, the character can not only inflict the normal amount of damage, but that damage is now lethal as well. A character can still choose to hold an opponent without inflicting damage, or he can choose to break the hold. He can even soften his touch and inflict bashing damage instead. The damage the character can inflict when his temper gets riled, though, is tremendous and often quite messy.

Uplifting Might: The Scion can lift and hold tremendous loads that would stagger even other Scions with Epic Strength. After checking the character's lift capacity on the "Feats of Strength" table then adjusting that capacity based on the character's Epic Strength, this Knack (and the expenditure of one point of Legend) doubles that lift capacity. This Knack doesn't affect a characters ability to break or throw an object.

Self-Healing: The Scion's player spends a point of Legend to repair a single level of damage. That damage can be bashing or lethal, and the healing takes place in an instant without leaving a scar. (Aggravated damage is beyond the power of this Knack to heal.) Scions who are interested in building their reputation and spreading their legends quickly find this Knack to be one of the more effective tools of doing so, as bruises, lacerations and bullet holes vanish before astonished onlookers' eyes.

Solipsistic Well-Being: The philosophy of solipsism holds that only the self exists. Accordingly, if a solipsist isn't aware of something, that something doesn't exist. With this Knack, a Scion applies this odd philosophy to damage that surprises her. For a single attack that the Scion doesn't see, hear or otherwise perceive coming, the Scion can spend a point of Legend and a point of Willpower to completely ignore it as if it never happened (thereby suffering no damage from it). Of course the attack does actually happen - any ammunition used is spent, onlookers might be covered with the Scion's blood, the would-be assassin might be standing right there holding a dripping knife - but such concerns are immaterial to the Scion victim.
The Scion can use this Knack only once per scene.

Meditative Focus: Whether she's hunkered down behind a burning car in a war zone, caught out in the yard during a prison riot, stranded on the crowded deck of a storm-tossed ship or just mall-walking during the frenzied heights of the Christmas rush, the character never loses her cool. No matter what's happening, she keeps her mind on what she's doing while maintaining sufficient vigilance to avoid getting caught up in the hubbub all around her. As such, the character is able to eliminate one point of environmental distraction penalty per dot she has of Epic Wits.

Rabbit Reflexes: When an unexpected attack targets the character with this Knack but the character's player fails to get enough successes on the (Wits + Awareness) roll to notice the attack coming, the Scion instinctively defends herself with double her highest applicable DV. The character cannot preemptively attack her attacker or even shout out a warning to her comrades, as she's reacting to an attack that's already taking place, but she is much more likely to dodge or parry that attack. Nonetheless, the character cannot actually join battle herself until everyone else does after the unexpected attack is resolved.


The Unlidded Eye
Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower
This spell allows its caster to see magic and supernatural powers that are normally invisible to mortal sight. It also faintly reveals the threads of Fate that entwine people, revealing strong or thick threads and allowing the caster to determine a Scion's or other supernatural being's Legend score.

Evil Eye
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
The caster curses a single target with a withering glance or insulting gesture. Success levies a dice penalty on the dice pool for the target's next action (i.e., the next action for which dice need to be rolled). One die is subtracted per dot of the caster's Presence (or one die if the caster has no rating in this Ability). Each success on the casting affects one additional roll. For example, if the caster rolls three successes, he affects the next three rolls made for the target.
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