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ALIAS(ES): Superboy
BIRTHDAY: March 21st, 2010
BIRTHPLACE: Cadmus Labs, Washington DC.
CURRENT: The Warehouse

• Genetic Donor 1: Superman (Clark Kent), aged 39.
• Genetic Donor 2: Lex Luthor, aged 52.
• Half Brother: Match, aged 7.
Grandparents: Jonathan and Martha Kent

RANK: None
WEAPON: Himself
POWER: Super Strength, Super Durability, Super Speed, Super Hearing, Infrared Vision
ORIENTATION: Heterosexual
PET: Wolf
MENTOR: Black Canary
COLOR(S): Black/Red
UNIFORM: Superboy's work 'uniform' consists of combat boots, tucked in tactical pants, a black leather belt with a large loop-buckle, and a long sleeved body glove with the S-shield emblazoned in red on it. Often adds a pair of fingerless gloves.

DESCRIPTION: 6ft, 230lbs, and showing an innately muscular build. He has black hair, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin as he shares many of Superman's features such as a strong jaw and severely serious countenance. He can brood with the best of them and if not actively attempting to appear otherwise can unintentionally appear displeased.
PLAY-BY: Sean Faris


Fear: This has varied somewhat over the years but has always been complicated. Currently, it's inadequacy. SB has taken on many opponents over the years but it seems more and more apparent that he is a pale shadow of Superman, a growing fact that is starting to weight heavily on Conner's subconscious mind.

Desire: To develop his powers, to grow in his abilities and fulfill his potential as the -unique- being that he is. He has the potential to be every bit as capable as Superman and he's twice as determined to be just so as the man of steel ever was.

HABITS: Broods. Not intentionally and certainly not socially (i.e. to look cool). It's actually just a bad habit, likely inherited. A state of being that he'll quickly sweep out of the way if made aware that he's doing it again so that he can fit in more fully with his friends. Conner also tends to fidget whenever he grows bored, displaying his physical nature by quickly losing his patience with scenarios that demand he do nothing but sit quietly.
PET PEEVE: Waiting or, worse, spending too much time discussing or thinking about a problem. If people want to consider options, that's fine, but he wants to be punching the problem while they attend to such things.

•Multilingual/Encyclopedic: SB has been force taught several languages including but not limited to Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and even the unlikely Atlantean. By the same process, he is in possession of a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of Earth's history.
•Hand to Hand Combat: While always capable of impressive brawling, Conner has apprenticed himself to learning higher fighting skills from Black Canary. In particular he excels at grappling, throws, and take downs as his incredible strength allows him to turn even weak leverage into impressive moves while his skill allows him to use leverage to overcome stronger or more stable opponents defenses.

•Kryptonite: Just like Superman, Kon-El's Kryptonian genetics leave him susceptible to the radiation from that mineral.
•Inexperience/Overconfidence: In his own mind he perceives the world as if he -is- Superman. This doesn't work terribly well with his much less developed abilities and experience. He bites off more than he can chew regularly and rarely changes tactics even if the full frontal assault method is getting him thrashed like a toddler in a heavyweight boxing match.

TRAITS: Conner desires, above all else, to be a good hero just like his ingrained idol, Superman. He works toward it, is focused on it, dedicated to it... but he suffers from certain shortcomings psychologically that are exacerbated by his physical realities. He is overconfident, owing to his conditioning to defeat or replace Superman if ever needed, and yet he isn't nearly as capable or experienced as Superman. This, combined, leads him to take losses much harder than his peers followed by bouts of bullheaded determination to overcome those same losses. He is starting to obsess with the idea of growing just as capable as Superman, though he won't ever go back to cheating to get there like he did with the Shields.


HISTORY: Superboy was 'born' on March 21st, 2010 as the second attempt by Cadmus to clone Superman, a project envisioned to create a weapon that would allow for the replacement of Superman (should he ever be killed) or to defeat him (should he ever turn evil). Incubated in a maturation chamber, force fed an education to variable success, and overcharged with solar radiation to bring his abilities up to term, all three activities done to accelerate the completion of their weapon.

However, the experiment was brought to an abrupt end after just six weeks when a group of sidekicks broke into the Cadmus facility and discovered Project Kr, releasing Superboy and breaking the mental control of the G-Gnomes over him. Altogether, the group was successful in partially destroying the facility and escaping which brought the project to the attention of the Justice League. Finally, Superboy met the man he'd been designed to focus on... and it didn't go well.

As time went by, Superboy was persuaded to join the team of young heroes and begin integrating into society by attending High School. He began to form bonds with his fellow heroes, finding his stride in pursuit of the very task he had been created to fulfill. There were set backs, bad ones, along the way but friends were made and loves were found. Victories were won and disappointing realities were set in place. Over time, Kon-El and Kal-El even came to an understanding, forming a relationship not unlike a little and big brother respectively.

Over the years, Conner has developed to be a more steady presence. He's mellowed out and even become apparently more comfortable with simple human interactions than he was early on. He has been accepted into the Kent family by the elderly Jonathon and Martha, giving him something he had never expected to have. Parents. Conner and Megan have broken up, and he still isn't comfortable with the idea of her powers being abused -or- her association with her new boyfriend (he doesn't like her new boyfriend either, but I digress).

Conner now spends his days helping to train the new members, going on every mission he can get in on, and trying to understand the more subtle interactions of people while secretly obsessing with his shortcomings as Superman's Clone.


NAME: Troile, though the Cbox seems to have hard wired me as Superboy
EXPERIENCE: Tabletop for nearly 20 years now, online for a full decade.
CONTACT: or MountainWitch83 on Skype
HOW'D YOU FIND US? A friend came across your advertisement and let me know about it as I had been looking for an opportunity to play Superboy for a while.

RP SAMPLE: Conner was brooding again. He wasn't aware of it, he didn't think about his expression when he was deep in thought. Walking down the halls of the Watch Tower with his gloved hands clasped behind his back, his head tilted down, introspection floating nebulously through his mind when he heard a voice that he could only imagine went with the black cape that fluttered through the edge of his vision. "You're making the face again."

Conner blinked, recognizing Batgirl's voice and lifting his head up to look back over his shoulder as she disappeared around the curve of the hall. He sighed but continued walking. It was quiet in his head, he wasn't certain what it was that put him in these moods. Couldn't put a finger on it at all. He just knew something was troubling him and he had yet to identify it. With the warning, however, at least he'd broken the mood for the moment. He made an effort to look ahead of himself as he walked, let his hands swing by his sides, and bring the corners of his mouth up enough to banish the perpetual frown.

In need of a destination, rather suddenly, he opened his focus to listen with his super hearing. The familiar 'twip' sound of a bow string caught his attention first. A sound he hadn't heard recently, in fact. He didn't change pace as he headed for one of the ranges, following the sound until he was standing behind a head of familiar blond hair. "Hey... I thought you'd switched to the little mechanical thing. The 'crossbow'?"

ANYTHING ELSE? Aside from Wolf, Conner also has Sphere as a close friend (Conner neither understands the idea of pets nor values the concept of having things around him purely for the sake of companionship). He maintains his motorcycle as it is arguably more efficient and less conspicuous than leaping from place to place via his incredible strength.
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