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Claire Ihi

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Personal Details

Name: Claire Peata Ihi
Age: 38
Date of Birth.: June 14th 1974
Place of Birth: Pukekohe, New Zealand
Character Type: Watcher (human)
Gender: Female

Height: 5' 3"
Build: Claire has a typical Māori build - medium and curvy, but with a tendency to run to heavy and hefty if she doesn't watch her diet and exercise
Skin Tone: Being half-Māori, Claire looks as though she has a permanent, light golden sun tan
Hair: Dark brown, some lighter natural highlights, wavy/curly
Eyes: Green/hazel
Distinguishing Features: Fiercely proud of her Maori heritage, Claire has a traditional Maori moko tattoo encompassing her right bicep, up onto her shoulder, and starting to spread onto her right shoulder blade. She also has the Watcher symbol tattooed - albeit reluctantly - on the inside of her left wrist

Family: Rawiri Ihi - father. Mary Ihi - mother. Aroha Morgan and Awhina Phelps - sisters
Marital/Relationship Status: In a relationship with Methos.

General Information

A. General Personality Everything you've ever heard about Kiwis being laid back and personable? That's Claire. Generous to a fault, and with a sharp, caustic wit, a smile is never far away. Claire prefers to take the heat out of a situation, rather than add fuel to the fire, and prefers to back away from confrontation. Her caring nature suits her profession as a paediatric surgeon, and, despite knowing that the best surgeons remain detached from their patients, prefers to get to know them and involve herself in their day to day care. This same level of dedication applies to her friendships and relationships alike, and is something that has been instilled in her by her family as she was growing up.

Nature & Demeanour: Claire is a natural mother-type, despite having no children of her own, something that she bitterly regrets, feeling that, at 38, she is unlikely to find someone - other than her now ex-fiance - who she would like to have children with. As a result, she dotes on her patients, and any other children she comes into contact with.

i. Character Strengths: Loyal, friendly, down-to-earth, practical, good sense of humour, places others first. She is able to keep her nerve in pressured situations, and keeps a level head.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Her moral code can be a bit too "black and white", which can lead to her appearing judgmental. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, and can be too quick to call a spade a spade. Can also be a little too selfless sometimes, and can adhere a little too closely to the "first, do no harm" portion of the Hippocratic Oath, meaning that she might ignore placing herself into danger in order to prevent harm to another by her actions.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

ii. General Skills: Claire is a skilled paediatric surgeon, a profession she had wanted to enter since she was a child. Particularly adept in emergency surgery, she is quick-thinking and decisive, confident in her own ability to choose the correct path to reach the desired outcome. Like a lot of Māori people, Claire grew up surrounded by music, and plays the guitar well, although tends to restrict playing to gatherings of family and friends.

She speaks fluent English and Te Reo Māori, having been raised in a bi-lingual household, and speaks passable Spanish. She is also learning basic Korean as part of her studies towards her 4th dan black belt in taekwondo. Claire loves to cook, especially when trying new cuisines, and, while she may not always get the desired result, she regards herself as a good cook. She has become an active member of the Māori community in New Yorl, and attends their social gatherings whenever she is able, as well as occasionally helping to teach Māori language to children at the Kōhanga Reo (Māori language nest) at weekends.

iii. Physical Skills & Abilities Claire has been taking taekwondo classes since her early-20s, and holds a 3rd dan black belt in the discipline. As such, she is agile and fast, and, despite her lack of stature, is capable of taking on taller opponents. As a surgeon, she has great hand/eye coordination, and is able to keep her focus on what she is doing, no matter what the distraction.

iv. Physical Weaknesses Claire is smaller than the average woman, and, despite her skills in martial arts, could be relatively easily overpowered by a larger, stronger opponent given the right situation. She is also shortsighted, and, due to a slight dry-eye condition, finds it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses, meaning she often has to wear glasses to get relief from the itchiness. Her left leg is also slightly weaker than it could be, due to a serious break when she was sixteen, leaving it vulnerable if you know there is an issue there. This weakness causes a slight limp in cold weather, and means that her kicks with her left leg are less powerful than her right. Oh, and squishy mortal is squishy.

C. Personal History Born to Rawiri and Mary Ihi - a Maori father and Irish mother - Claire is the eldest of three girls. She grew up a stone's throw from Pukekohe, just south of Auckland, and is of Ngāti Te Ata and Ngāti Raukawa ancestry on her father's side. Rawiri, a teacher at the local high school, always encouraged Claire to be inquisitive and independent, despite Mary's attempts to shelter all of her three daughters. It was clear from a very young age - probably about age five - that Claire had an interest in caring, and, more specifically, healing. It seemed as though she would play doctors and nurses for hours on end, and, not content to let the boys play the doctor, she would take the role herself.

Her younger sisters - twins Aroha and Awhina - came along when Claire was twelve years old, and it was only natural that she would play a large part in their upbringing, babysitting and looking after them, especially after Mary started to work part time at weekends. She loved the responsibility, and adored being close to her sisters to such an extent. However, Awhina in particular took exception when Claire pretended to operate on her when she fell down and sliced her knee open.

It was a natural step for her to concentrate on the sciences at school, and, from there, gain a place at the University of Auckland to study on the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) course. These six years were to prove the most challenging of her life, and Claire largely laid aside her personal life in order to gain the foundation of her career. Choosing to stay in Auckland, mostly because she was still close to her family there, Claire secured a position as House Surgeon at Auckland City Hospital, rotating through various specialties, and, as well as falling in love with paediatric surgery as a discipline, found that she also held the temperament required for emergency medicine in general.

It was at Auckland City hospital that she met Tama Apirana, who had just completed his second year post-grad, specialising in orthopaedics, and fell head over heels in love for the first time. It wasn't her first relationship - far from it - but he was certainly the first man with whom Claire had truly fallen in love. Within six months, they were living together in a small house in the Henderson Valley, and working out some sort of vague future. Tama would train as an orthopod, and, after her two years as a House Surgeon, Claire would specialise in paediatric surgery, with emphasis on emergency surgery.

The next few years weren't easy, with each of them having to dedicate seven years to their training, including twelve months each in Australia, a separation which they each found incredibly difficult. While they managed to time their overseas modules to coincide, the strain on their relationship was immense, leading to a temporary separation. However, upon their return to New Zealand, they decided to give it another go, each securing positions in the Auckland area once more.

Finally, when she was thirty-one, and two years ahead of schedule, Claire qualified as a consultant paediatric surgeon, and took up position at the Starship Childrens' Hospital in the emergency department. She loved the fast paced work, and, as she was happy in her work, she was also happy at home. Tama proposed on her thirty-second birthday, and, overjoyed, Claire accepted. Finally, it seemed as though she had it all: a career she was passionate about, a partner she adored, and plans to have children of their own.

Unfortunately, that was a short-lived sensation.

Claire had been at Starship for a little over two years, and had settled into the rapid-paced hustle and bustle of the emergency department. Ready for a new challenge, she had pitched the idea of a Maori paediatric clinic to be a sub-section of the ED, and was waiting for the verdict, when an fourteen-year old girl was brought into the ED with a penetrating chest wound, sustained by falling onto a metal spike that had been buried in some long grass. The bleed was horrific, and it had taken little more than a minute for Claire to shake her head, and, stepping back from the girl's lifeless body, had declared the young girl very much deceased.

It always hurt on a personal level when a child died, and Claire didn't think she would ever get over it. However, life went on, and now it was her job to inform the parents of their daughter's passing. Stripping off her gloves, and lobbing them into the bin with a measure of disgust, she turned back to the girl's body, ready to cover the wounds with a fresh sheet so that her parents could spend some time with her and say goodbye, when a sharp, gasping breath came from the corpse, and the girl's eye's shot open. Claire swore profusely, and jumped backwards, sending a trolley of instruments skittering across the floor.

This just isn't possible. She's bloody dead!

Claire didn't let herself think about it - if she did, she was sure that her head would explode. Instead, she called for the crash team again, and they went to work. The girl was remarkably stable, and, within an hour, was talking and sitting up, with little sign of there ever having been damage to her chest. While Claire wouldn't go so far as to say that it was a miracle, it was certainly something completely unexpected, and, after talking the situation over with Tama, she wrote up the case for a medical journal, which was published only a month or so after the girl's miraculous recovery.

Within hours of the article being published, Claire's office at the hospital was besieged by reporters... as well as a few more shadowy people, people who seemed content to lurk around until the furore had died down and the reporters had been appeased by the press office. These shadowy people made it very clear that it was in Claire's "best interests" to talk to them, and they weren't going to go away until she had. Reluctantly, she accompanied them to a local park, away from prying eyes and ears.

And that was where her world view was forever tilted on its axis.

Immortals, The Prize, The Gathering... it near exploded her head. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would have dismissed everything with a pinch of salt, thinking the men were complete loonies: either that, or completely munted. However, while that alone might have been something she could eventually come to deal with, what she was having issues with was the fact that they wanted her to come and work for them as a "Watcher" - a mortal who observed and reported on the actions of an Immortal, or researched as and when the need arose.

Claire had been vehemently opposed to this. After all, she had just started a very promising career as a paediatric surgeon, was engaged to Tama, and was perfectly happy where she was. She wasn't given much choice in the matter, though. Now that she had become aware of the world of the Immortals, she had no option other than to join the Watchers and assist in keeping tabs on them. If she didn't... well, she would simply... "disappear".

It was made very clear that she either joined them or died. Extremely reluctantly, Claire agreed, but only if she was permitted to remain at the hospital as a surgeon. Unfortunately, though, it turned out that this whole "Watcher" crap was more of a vocation than a job, and it started to take up more and more of her time. She would often go a week or more without seeing Tama, especially if they were on opposing shifts, and things started to suffer.

She had been with the Watchers for about four years when the last straw came. The bloody tattoo that they had made her have within three months of joining up had been the start of things turning sour for her, and things had gone steadily downhill from there. She and Tama had had a blazing row over where she had been for the previous three days, and she couldn't exactly tell him that she had been keeping her eye on the first Immortal she had been fully assigned to. Instead, she lamely made excuses that she was in the middle of writing a paper, and, to get some peace and quiet, had gone to stay in her family's bach at Karekare. Shame that Tama had called her family, and they hadn't had a clue where she was either, so that excuse didn't wash.

It was at that point that Claire knew that she had to get out of the Watchers. She didn't want a life of having to lie to those she loved, but, when she told them that she wanted out, she was advised that leaving wasn't an option: she was there for life. So she did the only thing that a sane person would do.

She left a "dear John" note for Tama, and ran. Fortunately, her medical license allowed her to practice in Australia, and Claire soon found a job in a hospital in the middle of nowhere; well, to be more specific, Kalgoorlie, which might as well be called "Bumfuck" for all the stimulation and excitement it afforded, both professionally and personally. And, despite everything, she managed to be content there for almost a year.

Until they came for her.

This time, they meant business. It was more or less kidnap, and Claire had no choice other than to go with them when they bundled her onto a plane. She was theirs, whether she liked it or not, and now she would do as she was told. So she ended up in New York, where she now practices as a private paediatric surgeon, charging exorbitant fees to the rich and famous, as well as giving the odd lecture at colleges across the city, and doing as much pro bono work for childrens' clinics as she can manage. Awaiting whatever shitty assignment that the Watchers might toss at her, Claire just keeps her head down and keeps working. The Watchers have taken away her passport, so she cannot run. And besides, where would she run to? Tama must hate her, as must her family, who haven't heard from her since she left for Australia.

For the first time, Claire feels both lonely, and truly alone.

RP Sample (in character, at least 3 good paragraphs): "You don't have to do that, you dick," she spat as the man twisted her arm behind her back again. Claire knew that she could fight back and make a real scene, stop this from happening, but to what ends? No matter what, the Watchers had found her, and, one way or another, they were going to bring her back into their service. She could either cooperate, and end up relatively unscathed, or fight back, and probably end up in an unmarked grave somewhere.

Yeah, as if there was a choice in there somewhere.

Slowing her breathing, she let herself relax in the big ape's grasp, feeling the pain lessen a little. All her years of taekwondo had taught her a few things, and, sometimes, the path of least resistance was the way to go. Levelling a fiery gaze at her captor, she mustered as much dignity as she could find, considering her hair was a tangled mess, and her face was streaked with mud and blood from the tumble down the bank. "Look, you've got me, okay, bro," she said, her voice shaking and somewhat raspy. "I'm not so bloody stupid as to run again. Just..." A flicker of panic raced through her as the bloke increased the pressure on her wrist. "Please... don't... not my hand! I'm a surgeon, for chrissake! I... aaargh!"

The pain flared through her vision as yet more pressure was applied to her wrist and hand, and Claire dropped to her knees, tears flooding her eyes, and, knowing when she was beaten, she nodded. "Okay, okay, you win! I... I'll come with you. I'll work for you again just... just don't... NOOOOOOOO!!!"

And her world went black as she felt a finger dislocate.


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