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Player name: Troile
Age: 30
How did you find us? Detective Agency


Personal Details

Name: Methos (Adam Pierson)
Age: 5167 years (913)
Date of Birth.: ... Spring? (Mid September)
Place of Birth: Egypt's Lower Kingdom (Italy)
Character Type: Immortal
Gender: Male

Height: 6ft or 182cm
Build: Lean (he is built for speed and agility)
Skin Tone: Olive Complexion
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Methos is without scars of any kind but he does still have a Watchers tattoo on his left wrist.

Family: A couple of adopted children, two ex-wives,
Marital/Relationship Status: Multiple Widower, Living in Sin with Claire

General Information

A. General Personality
Methos is an experienced and wise immortal, his outlook and demeanor greatly influenced by many historically well known philosophers. Though possessed of an innate wit and cunning he isn't a particularly exceptional man, often being regarded as 'just a guy' by those who meet him. He can be both cynical and sharp by turns in his sense of humor, nor will he hesitate to teach an uncomfortable lesson where he sees one needed.

Though not a heroic person by any stretch of the imagination, Methos is possessed of a distinct loyalty to his friends. Still, he strives to be a good person so long as it doesn't put his neck on the line in an unnecessary way. He is primarily and usually overwhelmingly interested in his own survival before all other objectives. From time to time, however, cold pragmatism and calculating cruelty surface when he is faced with situations that would be made complicated by an over abundance of morality.

i. Character Strengths: Moral flexibility and dynamic observation give him the ability to see situations for what they are and navigate them with the fewest unnecessary.... complications.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Moral flexibility and dynamic observation make him difficult to relate to in modern context, easily upsetting younger individuals with a more dualistic view of right and wrong. It also makes it difficult for him to relate to humanity as he finds humans too quick to stagnate and see limitations where he perceives none. He has also come to realize in the quickly changing modern world that advancements often out strip his ability to comprehend the reasoning or technology behind them. He's not anachronistic yet, but has still been spotted as 'old fashioned.' While tactics are rarely beyond him, the effectiveness of his methodology for remaining hidden from others is slowly being eroded by modern technology and the sheer availability of information in the modern world. A technologically savvy Immortal could hunt him down in the current era... if they knew what to look for and that he actually existed in the first place.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. Head count (if Immortal): 700+

ii. General Skills: Methos has a nearly endless list of practical skills. Hunting, riding, trapping, farming, survival, nautical and land based navigation, sailing... just to list a few. These are stacked upon hundreds of lifetimes of trained skills in the fields of medicine, warfare, and even academic pursuits leading him to read, write, and speak so many languages that he's forgotten a few dozen dialects along the way. Amongst these languages are Ancient Egyptian (with hieroglyphs), Russian, Latin (and the rest of the Romance Languages), and many of the Germanic tongues as well (German, English, Swedish, Danish, etc.) Though he has never been particularly fond of risking himself in combat he has also gone to great lengths to learn as many fighting styles and techniques as he could over the centuries.

iii. Physical Skills & Abilities: Methos' personal technique favors his natural agility and quickness over overt methods of applying strength. Though, at six feet in height, he was considered quite large at the time of his mortal life he has always favored cleverness to brutish might and long exercised speed and tactics in combat rather than strength. He is skilled in several forms of martial combat, including unarmed forms not usually thought of when one considered the field of Martial Arts. Having survived the entirety of 'civilized' warfare he is skilled with swords, spears, bows, polearms, and even most siege engines.

iv. Physical Weaknesses: Though well toned and physically fit, Methos surrenders in mass what he has gained in agility. In a grappling situation, all else being even, with a heavier opponent he would be at an immediate disadvantage. Likewise, if forced to fend off a physically superior foe for too long it is likely that Methos could be worn down and defeated through exhaustion.

C. Personal History
Much of Methos' mortal life is lost as he remembers little to nothing about his birthplace, his family, culture, or even his native tongue. All he recalls clearly enough to claim as fact is that he experienced his first death when his family was caught out in the open during a sandstorm. What follows is a blur of places, people, and being chased out as a demon when somebody realized he wasn't aging. That all changed when he was finally caught stealing figs and dragged before the Pharaoh to see what form of execution he would face, only to discover the Pharaoh was an Immortal as well. Fortunately, that Immortal was in the mood to teach...

Centuries passed, Methos lived and learned. He met people who changed his life for better and worse, learned the game well, and traveled the known world. As a young Immortal he often acted out, even betraying his own teacher and burying the man alive to take his place as Pharaoh for a time (Pharaohs were supposed to be immortal, so that covered him for an impressive amount of time). When he finally got bored with the benefits of wealth and godlike power, though with the complication of being tied down to more or less one location, he moved on. All along the way he learned an important lesson: No fight was worth getting into, even an easy victory, unless one absolutely had to. The risk was just too great when one had the opportunity to see the far side of forever.

Yet more centuries passed and Methos traveled. In fact, he grew so enamored with seeing the world he casually removed himself from the Game via avoiding fights in favor of sight seeing. It was a policy that carried him all the way to Tibet, and his introduction to a man named Sun Tzu. It was during this time that Methos' natural talent for tactics was sharpened into the genuine mastery that made him capable of truly avoiding the battles he had no interest in and winning the ones he was forced to participate in. When he rejoined the world he found his mind greatly opened to the philosophies of others and his travels began to include stops at centers of higher education for a little recreational enlightenment.

Time marched on and Methos spent more time in hiding than he did dealing with other Immortals, yet.... somehow a sort of half legend grew up around him. There were those who dubbed him the oldest Immortal, a laughable concept for a being who knew his teacher was still laying in torment in some old box in Egypt, but the story spread from Immortal to Immortal via campfire tales, bedtime stories told by teachers to their students made him into something between a boogie monster and a monolithic target. Opponents began attempting to hunt him down, showing up repeatedly despite being avoided over and over, pushing Methos until he felt he had but one choice. Become the legend. Methos made himself terrifying to discourage the weak and mislead those who would think to challenge anyway. He went on one last hunt, slaying his most immediate troubles after overwhelming them with clever tactics to ensure his victories. It allowed him to remove some of the most capable Immortals of the time with apparently casual ease, creating a persona that far outstripped his actual appearance... and removed anyone who knew what he actually looked like.

And then Methos, the eldest Immortal, disappeared into the world. A few tried to find him. Most merely gave up after a time, several ran into the unfortunate fates that so often befell travelers of the time (though stories of successfully finding Methos only to be struck down were quick to follow such events), and a few... a very unfortunate few, were introduced to why Methos had survived so long. All of it added further to his legend until his victories could scarcely be believed, a half-truth that amused him to no end, and made him into a figure more myth than reality to many of the young who had never seen any evidence of his 'incredible' skills. Finally, his plan allowed him to use his rather average demeanor and habits to fade into actual obscurity so he could pursue his academic and experiential interests with a minimum of interference from others. What few Immortals he did meet usually knew him only as Adam, another tongue in cheek joke of his, if they knew him at all. An identity known for fleeing rather than engaging any challenges offered him, and a good drinking companion if one were amicable.

This identity, with only a few minor exceptions, carried him into the modern world and right up to the beginning of the Gathering.

D. Additional Information

RP Sample (in character, at least 3 good paragraphs):
Adam Pierson disembarked from the commercial airliner he'd taken from Australia, taking his first breath of unfiltered English air in nearly a decade. Indeed, it still smelled like trouble. But the Gathering couldn't be ignored... he knew, because he'd tried. He'd traveled almost immediately to the farthest point on the globe as soon as he'd figured out where he was being drawn toward and set up his usual means with every intention of waiting out the big showdown. There was some thought of being sorry he'd miss the look on the face of the winner when he or she looked around and found nothing changed about their situation. It would be a huge game of cat and mouse after that but Methos had a lot of practice at that game, he was confident he could win a few rounds at least.

He was not interested in the endgame of it all, he just wanted to live, grow stronger, and fight (or not) another day. But the pull was unavoidable. It wasn't until he was on the jet, heading for his first connection, that he had any relief what-so-ever from the feeling of needing to be elsewhere. It had frustrated him, cost him sleep, and completely endangered his ability to avoid others of his kind or defend himself if cornered. So, rather annoyingly, he'd had to make the choice to get closer to danger in order to be farther from harm. All of this rolled through his mind, carefully partitioned away from his expression as he happily presented his... or rather Adam Pierson's, passport to the professionally smiling woman with intelligent eyes at the customs counter. "Do you have anything to declare, Mr. Pierson?" "Yes. I like the light in your eyes." He grinned his most charming as he received his stamped passport back with a more genuine smile. "And I thank you for sharing it."

He made his way through the London-Heathrow airport exactly as anyone else would, submitting to customs as he had come from an international flight, presenting his often changed citizenship papers, collecting his luggage, stopping by the appropriate desk to collect the keys to the Landrover he'd had brought out of storage for his arrival and placed in the parking garage. With one, final, sad look at safety he exited the building, crossed the loading zone, and headed into the car garage. He hated the places. Dark, dank, and often as poorly surveyed as the lowliest back alleys of New York. The fact that it was the kind of place he'd do his ambushing in was exactly why he disliked them so much. He'd had his hireling park the car as close to the entrance he would be using as possible in the hopes of avoiding... and there it was. The Buzz, that almost sickening feeling that warned of the presence of another Immortal. Just as he'd imagined would happen.

Methos headed for his vehicle after only a slight pause, moving quickly and hoping to be gone before the other could do much about it. He made it to the door of the SUV and hit the button on the keyfab that unlocked the vehicle's trunk door. He opened it, threw in his bags, slammed it shut and went for his driver's door. The hired man had parked the vehicle facing outward, bless him, and Methos was sure he was home free as he opened the door. It made it only an inch when the sound of the flat of a sword landing solidly on the hood of his vehicle resounded through the parking garage. Methos sighed, pausing in his light frustration before looking at the owner of the weapon. "Evan Marquei." They always wanted to introduce themselves, like it mattered to the person they were there to kill. He'd known another Immortal just a few years before who had always indulged in that habit... using his real name of all things. Methos wasn't that foolish.

"I'm charmed... but not interested. Lets say I gave at the office." The other Immortal looked confused for a long moment, instantly giving himself away as a youngling to the experienced eye of the misnomer-ed Eldest Immortal. The kid had gumption, and some measure of cleverness, Methos had to give him that. There was no way he'd known Methos was coming, time and date, so that meant he'd been haunting the parking garages for who knew how long just waiting for some straggler to the Gathering to arrive in the hopes of picking them off before anybody else had the opportunity. It was... almost genius. Almost, presuming he hadn't been so inexperienced as to step up to someone who was so entirely out of his league. So there were two reasons that the smile of amusement graced Methos' face. A smile that triggered a rash action from the other Immortal.

Evan leaped forward, leveling an overhand chop at Methos that was appropriate considering his sudden anger and the narrow space available between Methos' Landcruiser and the next vehicle over. However, it left him open for a more direct counter. Never one to rely on a weapon unless it was actually in his hand, Methos had already formulated a plan to deal with the man before the last spark had faded from his hood. With a simple snap movement he snatched the door open, the edge of it slamming into Evan's face while his weapon was still held high and back. The strike brought Evan to a halt and the door rebounded from the transfer of momentum only to be reversed back onto its original course by a standing forward kick, slamming its edge a second time into Evan's stunned face. The young Immortal crumpled, unconscious, to the pavement. Another sigh escaped Methos.

Methos dragged the man's defeated form behind the next vehicle over, leaving him laying between the bumper and the concrete wall. He then retrieved the man's sword and paused as something caught his eye. Testing the edge of the blade with his thumb confirmed his suspicion. "It's dull... you bloody moron... you came after me with a dull sword?! I aught to kill you!" He promptly walked over and kicked the fool in the head but got no reaction from the boy. "The only thing, I swear the only thing, saving your life is the fact I'd have to hack at you for twenty minutes with this thing and I didn't travel with one of my own." He dropped the blade, handle first, rather intentionally, on the younger Immortal's head and got into his own vehicle. As he pulled away he scoffed at his mirror. "Kids these days. No respect for the tools of the trade."

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