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Real Name: Benjamin "Ben" Hammil
Code Name: Match
Faction: Independent
Age: 17
Date of Birth: September, '94
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128lbs

Played By: Using comic images for now

Physical Description: Ben's head is engulfed in perpetual flames and his entire skin glows orange.

Personality: Ben is a hot headed (literally and figuratively) and temperamental young man who often clashes with those around him. He isn't a bully but indecisiveness and hesitation quickly get on his nerves causing outbursts. His features naturally give an impression of intensity and being one of the unfortunate mutants who can't pass for normal in public gives him little enough reason to crack that facade with a smile. Otherwise, he is the normal teenager, interested in what ever he can do or get away with.

Powers: Match's primary ability is Pyrokinesis, the power to create fire by exciting the molecules of objects and even the air around him until they burst into flame. His Fire Manipulation means that not only can he create flames, he can control and manipulate them in large amounts and to incredible extents. As an extension of this power, Match is capable of extinguishing or absorbing any fire in his immediate vicinity.

This power comes with a heavy trade off. Ben is possessed of a Pyro Form, meaning his entire body burns at all times. His skin glows orange, his head is engulfed in flame, and his body temperature is far above a normal person's. However, his temperature is still usually well beneath that of an actual flame which prevents him from burning his clothes. Fortunately, this creates an Immunity to Heat & Fire that leaves him unscathed by any form of which he has yet come into contact with.

Amongst the many techniques he has come up with since the realization of his mutation, he has included Concussive Blasts and a Energy Based Shield. The blasts are made of pure flame that between the heat and impact are capable of inflicting incredible damage. The shield follows many of the same principles and is capable of absorbing some forms of energy attack and will melt most objects upon contact.

((OoC)) There has been some theorization in canon that suggest that Match might be able to exercise the power of flight in a similar manner as the Human Torch. I plan to come to this ability through game play.

Weaknesses: Other than his temper sometimes getting the best of him when dealing with allies, Ben's most glaring weakness is an inability to go into public without being instantly recognized for what he is: a Mutant. There is also some concern for the sheer amount of extraneous damage his powers can do to the surroundings of any battlefield, perhaps hindering his own side as much as the enemy if he does not pay attention.

Skills: Match has proven himself on several occasions to be a capable leader type. His Alpha Male personality can be grating to others but he does not hesitate to act when the time is right and despite the perceptions of others he always has a dynamic understanding of the situation at hand, meaning he can stay on mission despite distractions.

Equipment/Weaponry: Nothing of significant mention when on his own. He can't even pick up a prepaid cellphone due to his appearance and lack of allied individuals.

Known Relatives: Ben doesn't discuss his family, because they don't discuss him.

History: Benjamin Hammil was born in the Midwest, in a small town in Iowa. He grew up as any other kid in the area. That is to say: bored. Riding bikes and playing in the woods was all well and good when you didn't have enough contact with the outside world to see how all the kids in the real world lived. The perception of being in a backwards, out of touch place fueled Ben's frustration and he often acted out when people seemed to brush him off for it.

His powers emerged when one day somebody managed to spark off his temper for real, and the entire park that sat at the center of the town was burned to ashes. His new appearance made it painfully obvious that he was the one to blame and it was only through the instinctive use of his power, the fact that everyone was afraid to touch him, and his quickness of foot, that got him out of town rather than thrown into a cage somewhere until the government could collect him. All the same, Ben has often been disturbed by a lack of manhunt or even mention of the incident ever since.

Ben was forced to hide himself, living in places where no others went and traveling carefully during the day through the wild and open places where there were no people to witness his passing. At night he would find a place where his natural glow wouldn't give him away or could be hidden solidly from site. Many a sleepless night was spent praying desperately to whatever deity would listen that nobody saw the tell-tale glow of his body in the deepest darkest woods.

Unfortunately, it didn't last forever. Somebody did find him, and they caught him before he could put up much of a fight... as if they knew his every thought before he could act on it.

Writing Sample: You know. You all know.

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