Surge (Noriko Ashida)

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Surge (Noriko Ashida)

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Real Name: Noriko Ashida
Code Name: Surge
Faction: New Mutants

Age: 17
Date of Birth: June 6, 1994
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137lbs

Played By: To begin with, the comic book image.

Physical Description: Image

Personality: Noriko has a strong sense of self, willing to make decisions based on a situation by situation account regardless of what others are doing or how the decision in question compares to other decisions on similar situations. She has a calm and even personality that allows her to remain self-possessed even in the face of excitement in others. That doesn't mean she isn't ready to participate in happy moments, but rather she keeps a level head during times of panic.

Just as content to sit alone and read a book as she is to socialize with friends, Noriko is in general a happy person if somewhat stayed.

Powers: Surge has the ability to absorb electricity from around her. Static electricity (give her some fuzzy socks and a shag carpet, she's unbeatable), batteries, wall sockets, electronic devices, atmospheric electrical phenomenon such as lightning strikes, and even the electrical discharges of other mutants. Her mere arrival in a room can cause devices to die and lights to flicker, and she is assisted in controlling these powers with a pair of technological gauntlets.

This electricity is stored in her body and can be redirected as either offensive electrical blasts either by touch or arcing electrical discharges. The electricity can also be channeled into bursts of super-human speed. They are short lived, but often incredible for their effect.

Weaknesses: As noted, Noriko Ashida has poor control over her power absorption and discharge. Without the assistance of prescription drugs or her tech gauntlets the electricity builds up in her body and causes her mind to race and eventually her powers will explode in a devastating display of electrical damage to everything around her. While the overload won't permanently harm her itself, the side effects of a lightning storm in a small space could be potentially deadly to anyone or anything around her.

Skills: Noriko is a native Japanese speaker who none-the-less speaks flawless English with only the slightest of detectable accent. Since coming to the Institute she has also once again taken up a childhood interest in the practice of Judo.

Equipment/Weaponry: Power Gauntlets, a good book or three. Noriko for obvious reasons has to avoid electronic devices.

Known Relatives: Seiji (father), Suki (mother), Keitaro (brother)

History: Noriko Ashida was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan where most of her family still resides to this day. As children, she and her brother were both enrolled in Judo classes as part of their proper upbringing in the unique society. They even learned English. Everything went as expected for the siblings, making them the pride of the family with proper grades and solid progression in their extracurricular pursuits, at least until Noriko displayed the beginnings of her mutation during puberty. When her father shunned her, refusing to accept her mutation, she felt she had no other choice but to flee her home.

How she managed to make her way to America is a portion of her history she has never discussed and isn't likely to anytime soon, but it did lead to one fundamental change in her outlook on life. She made her way in the streets, living in the alleys and squatting in apartments that she would occasionally power up personally to survive the winters, and controlling her powers with illegally obtained prescription drugs. It was while living like this that she witnessed another mutant use their powers subtly and followed the individual back to where they'd came from. The Xavier Mansion...

It took months, but finally she built up the nerve to approach the front gates of the Mansion openly. The wild looking man she'd followed there greeted her with cigar in hand and asked what had taken her so long. Noriko was quickly investigated, her control shortcoming resolved with the help of Hank McCoy, and freed from the use of the prescription drugs. Given a new lease on life, Surge (as she was dubbed by Logan himself) enrolled in High School classes, and got re-enrolled in a Judo dojo. When the Night of Shadows came Noriko literally burned away the darkness around her, powering a door open with her electrical abilities so that she and other students could escape ahead of the Sentinels.

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