Jean Grey

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Jean Grey

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Real Name: Jean Grey
Code Name: Marvel Girl
Faction: X-Men

Age: 33
Date of Birth: May 4th
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135lbs

Played By: Famke Janssen

Physical Description:


Personality: Ever seen a swan swimming? Elegant, calm, unruffled on the surface, but you can't tell that, underneath, they are paddling like hell? That's Jean Grey. Poised, intelligent, articulate, Jean radiates a calm that she doesn't often feel, especially since her mind was taken over by the Shadowking.

Jean firmly believes that she was put on this earth to help others, and becoming a medical doctor was a natural step towards achieving that. Far harder on herself than she needs to be, she is her own worst critic, and believes that only by taking responsibility for her own actions can she truly set an example that she would be proud for others to follow.

There is a sense of fun and a sense of humour lurking underneath her somewhat staid and "buttoned up" exterior, but it's more tucked away than it used to be, as Jean tries to reclaim her old life and her old self, with varying levels of success. To some extent, teaching is helping, but old wounds are the hardest to heal, and Jean knows that it will take time before she can truly recover from the events that haunt her.

Powers: Jean is an Omega level mutant, with potentially unlimited power.

  • Telekinesis: Jean's powers of telekinesis are strong and well practiced over the years. She can manipulate and control multiple items in the air, able to lift and move items or people at will, even to the point of separating things down to a molecular level. She can also use this power to create concussive forces and protective shields.
  • Telepathy: Jean's powers of telepathy were initially blocked by Charles Xavier, for her own protection, as she was unable to control them after they manifested. However, after years of developing and honing her skill, Jean is incredibly powerful and adept in the use of her telepathic powers. Her powers include, but are not limited to, the ability to contact, control and affect the minds of others over a vast radius, the creation of telepathic illusions, psionic shields, astral projection and a telepathic cloak to mask herself and her abilities from other psions and psychic beings. Jean's powers are developing constantly, and the only limits on what she may be able to do are self imposed.

Weaknesses: It's not so much physical weaknesses that Jean suffers as emotional. Willing to place everything on the line for those she cares for, she rarely considers any danger to herself. Despite her powerful telepathy, she can still be vulnerable to psychic attack or control, and has yet to learn how to fully prevent this.

Skills: Jean is a qualified medical doctor, who also has some training in psychology. Persuasive and articulate, she is an excellent orator, and an inspirational teacher.

Equipment/Weaponry: None

Known Relatives:
  • John Grey - father
  • Elaine Grey - mother
  • Sara Grey - sister

History: Raised in a close-knit, loving family in New York, Jean Grey was just a normal little girl in the most part. The younger of two girls born to John and Elaine Grey, there was no inkling that Jean was a mutant. However, when she was ten years old, she witnessed her best friend, Annie Richardson, being hit by a car, and a psychic link was formed, enabling her to experience her friend's death first hand, an experience so traumatic that it put her into a coma.

Her parents tried everything to bring her out of the coma, and eventually contacted Professor Charles Xavier, who managed to bring her back to consciousness. Recognising her potential, he continued to treat her, using her to fine tune Cerebro, before realising - after she forged a psychic connection with Scott Summers,

Writing Sample: Guilt seemed to be Jean's constant companion these days.

Guilt that she had cheated on Scott, guilt that she and Logan were barely even on speaking terms any longer, guilt that she had been personally responsible for so many fractures in her closest relationships. The worst part was that she had absolutely no idea how to go about fixing the mess she had made.

Sure, she had the defence that she wasn't in control of herself at the time, but no-one seemed to be buying that. And, if she were honest, that was probably with good reason. Jean might have been taken over by this entity, but still... that was no reason to have hurt two of the men she cared about most in the world. In fact, she wasn't sure which hurt the most: the loss of Scott, or the loss of Logan, one of her best friends.

The reflection that stared back at her as she glanced into the mirror wasn't someone she recognised, and it certainly wasn't someone that she particularly liked. It was as though a stranger stared back at her, a stranger who had stepped in, taken her life, and smashed it to smithereens without so much as a second thought. A stranger who had no right to be there.

Enough was enough. Time to take her life back.

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