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Josh Foley

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Real Name: Joshua Henry Foley
Code Name: Elixir
Faction: New Mutants

Age: 21
Date of Birth: January 16th
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 155lbs

Played By: Patrick Flueger

Physical Description: To say Josh stands out in a crowd is an understatement. Ever since healing himself on a cellular level, his skin and hair have been a metallic, shiny gold. Only his eyes really remain as they were, a warm, puppy-dog brown sat under what were once-prominent brows. Josh isn't overly tall, standing at perhaps 5' 11", and is of medium build. Not particularly well-muscled, he is slim and toned without being overly skinny.

Prior to the self healing, Josh had short, well-kept dark blonde hair, and his smooth skin looked as though he had a permanent tan. Josh has never been able to grow facial hair, never ending up with more than a patch of fluff on his chin. Despite the unsettling colouring of his skin and hair, Josh is still a handsome young man - you just have to look a little harder to see it. He has large hands with well kept nails, and can be a bit of a neat freak about his clothes and general appearance.

Josh, unlike most young men his age, likes to wear smart shirts and pants, although since he has been in hiding, his wardrobe has become more than a little on the worn side. He lost almost all of his possessions when he ran away from the school, and wishes that he had been able to take more with him when hetried to go back home. He particularly misses a battered old raincoat of his, which he has a sneaking suspicion was kept by his ex-girlfriend. Currently, all of his belongings fit into a large backpack which travels with him wherever he goes.

Personality: Generally easy-going, Josh will try to get on with everyone. However, once he dislikes someone, or bears a grudge against them, it is difficult, if not impossible, for him to overcome that. Raised in a family where prejudice was the norm, Josh has had little in the way of a positive role-model when it comes to overcoming bigotry and irrational hatred, at least before his parents signed him over to Dani Moonstar at the age of seventeen.

Being at the Xavier Institute more or less saved his sanity, giving him a rapid reality check, both with regards to what and who he was, and the fact that he really wasn't alone. Not exactly trusting at first, Josh has gradually learned to open up and rely on those who are closest to him, in the main, the other mutants from the Institute. He has a natural respect for his elders, but peers from his own age group must earn his respect.

Josh likes to think of himself as a bit of a ladies’ man, but his wandering eye was tempered by falling for a former student at Xavier's. Even now, after having been split for more than a year, no other woman has been able to match up to her, at least in his mind, and he deliberately avoids dating, despite the fact that he finds himself attracted to more than just the odd one or two of his fellow students.

Powers: Josh is, on the face of it, nothing more than a very gifted healer. However, his ability goes much, much deeper than that. Josh is able to manipulate organic matter on a cellular level, ostensibly to repair its structure. He is able to do this only at close range, but fabric has not proved to be a barrier. Not only is he able to manipulate the basal cell structure of others, but is also able to affect himself, which is how his skin and hair came to be metallic, shiny gold in appearance.

  • Healing: Josh can heal from serious injury and illness, but has to be touching the subject. With concentration, he can heal through clothing.
  • Organic matter manipulation (undiscovered power): Josh has yet to discover the full extent of his powers, believing himself to be nothing more than a healer. He could kill just as easily with his touch as he could heal, as well as more complex manipulations of matter, such as his own change in skin colour/texture

Weaknesses: His ex-girlfriend. She screwed him up, and he's still torturing himself over it. Also, he seems afraid to explore the true extent of his powers, content with the ability to heal. Not physically strong, in a fight, he would be an easy target.

Skills: Petty theft and pick-pocketing, self-taught while he was homeless

Equipment/Weaponry: None

Known Relatives: John Foley, father; Sarah-Louise Foley, mother

History: Josh Foley was born in the Canton area of Baltimore to strait-laced, Irish Catholic parents. Raised as an altar boy, the church youth group he was encouraged to attend had ties to an anti-mutant group called the Reavers, which was led by a harsh, almost militaristic man named Donald Pierce. Sensing a loneliness in Josh which came from being an only child, Donald took him under his wing, introducing him to the group, and, for the first time in his life, Josh felt valued and as though he belonged.

It wasn't long before he was taking part in anti-mutant activities, including a weekend run up to New York, where he had his first run-in with real, live mutants. Still only seventeen, and not exactly an imposing figure, he wasn't best pleased to get involved with a confrontation with the X Men. Horrified to see his mentor, Donald Pierce, injured during the melee, he raced back and leaned down to help him, inadvertently touching an injured mutant girl, healing her of life threatening injuries just with his touch. Horrified at this turn of events, he confessed what had happened to other members of the Reavers, who beat him senseless and threw him out of the group.

Returning home, he owned up to his parents, who were mortified that their precious son was nothing but a filthy mutant, and all but disowned him. More to get him out of their house and maintain some sort of dignity than to help Josh in any way, they signed him up to the Xavier Institute, where, for the first time, he was accepted for who he was. His parents, quite unable to live with the fact that they had spawned such a monster, signed over legal guardianship of Josh to one of the teachers, and ordered him never to return.

This broke Josh, and he became even more solitary than he had before, until the mutant girl he had saved went out of her way to befriend him, and he forged a firm bond with her. Life at the institute was better than a life with such a bigoted family, and he settled into the day to day routine, even starting to date. However, this was where the trouble hit.

Taking his then-girlfriend out for a picnic in Central Park, they were jumped by a gang, and, while his girlfriend escaped due to a level of speed bestowed upon her by her powers, Josh was beaten near-senseless, and left for dead. His girlfriend called the school, and Josh's battered and broken body was taken back to Xavier's.

Lying in the infirmary, it looked as though he was going to die, as there was no-one at the Institute who was capable of healing him. Eventually, it was decided to use Surge's powers to wake him, and Josh was told how he could heal himself. However, things didn't go quite to plan, and his skin and hair were turned a shiny, metallic gold by the process.

Josh found himself falling in love with another student, and they had an intense, sometimes tempestuous, two year relationship, which ended when she fell for someone else. Josh was utterly heartbroken, and left the school, heading back to Baltimore, in the vain hope that he might be able to reconcile with his parents, but to no avail. With anti-mutant feeling rising all over the States, Josh was forced underground - literally - to survive. Daring to go out only at night, Josh has roamed up and down the eastern seaboard for the past year, feeling utterly set adrift, before finally coming across Xavier's school again, although this time house in a warehouse. welcomed back as though he had never been away, Josh has now been at the school for several weeks, and is starting to finally feel at home again.

Writing Sample: Sparkly clean, he thought to himself as he stepped out of the shower, slinging a grubby white towel around his hips. The irony of this thought didn't escape him, and Josh Foley grinned darkly to himself as he turned off the barely warm water. Pulling another towel from a steel table, Josh rubbed at his hair just enough to remove the excess water and stop it dripping, before draping the towel over his shoulders. He resisted the urge to whistle or sing in this wonderfully echoey chamber, but only just. The tiles and steel made for amazing acoustics - just a shame about the overall ambience of his latest crash pad.

Catching a glimpse of himself in a mirror, Josh quickly averted his eyes. It had been three years now since he had healed himself, three years since he had begun to resemble little more than a walking statue, and he still loathed it. He hadn't been bad looking before the change, and he wished he could return to those times. However, he could either be golden, or he could be dead. Golden had the slight edge at the moment. The green, utilitarian rubber tiles were cold and uncomfortable under his feet, and he headed for a small steel closet, in which he knew to be some paper shoes. They would do while his own dried out. His last pair of sneakers now had an irritating hole in the heel, which had let in a lot of water in that afternoon’s downpour. It had rained so much since he had been back in NYC that he was almost beginning to think he was back in Baltimore.

Finally, though, the whistling came. Not for any real reason, just to break the eerie silence. He’d been crashing down here for four nights, and still only the night security guard knew he was there. And all the man’s silence had cost was healing a heart murmur, thought Josh. Sometimes, the price of a life was ridiculously low. Hmmm... the theme tune to “The Addams Family”, thought Josh, a wry, ironic smile on his face as he laid blankets on top of a steel table, ensuring that he folded double layers down each side to fill the wide sluices. Fitting music, he thought, for going to sleep in a morgue...

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