Deanna Troi

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Deanna Troi

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Character Name: Deanna Troi
Rank or Citizen Designation: Commander (Counselor)
Residence: USS Enterprise

History: Half human and half Betazoid, Deanna was born to Ian and Lwaxana Troi. Her father was a Starfleet officer, and her mother an Ambassador. She was the younger of two daughters, but her sister, Kestra, died when Deanna was very young. Her mother effectively excised all evidence of Kestra from existence, and Deanna didn't learn of her until she was in her thirties.

As a half-Betazoid, she possesses extra-sensory empathic abilities, as well as telepathy. Due to being half-human, though, she is incapable of reading aliens with brain structures that were dissimilar to humans and Betazoids, and her telepathy is limited to other Betazoids, most notably her mother. Her ability, though, to tell whether or not others were being truthful, has proved to be invaluable in many tense and stressful situations.

Deanna studied psychology at the University of Betazed, before enlisting in Starfleet Academy, again majoring in psychology, which is where she met William Riker for the first time. They started a relationship which lasted for several years, but the relationship petered out when Riker started to put his career first. Eventually, after attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander, she was assigned to the Enterprise-D, under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, where she came into contact with William Riker again.

Since that assignment, she has passed the Bridge Officer's tests, and has also served on the Enterprise-E and the USS Titan, both as a Counselor and Bridge Officer, on occasion. She married Will Riker in a traditional earth ceremony, and both were then posted to the USS Titan, where Riker was given the Captain's position. Her marriage running into difficulties, Deanna requested reassignment from the Titan, and has since been assigned to the USS Enterprise, once more under the command of Picard.

Personality: Selfless, compassionate and caring, Deanna Troi is the very model of an excellent psychologist and Counsellor. For the most part, she is able to keep her own emotions in check when counselling another, but, on occasion, especially if she particularly bonds with someone, can find herself profoundly affected by their emotions and internal conflicts. Despite years of practice, she still cannot completely isolate herself from the emotions of others.

Friendly and outgoing, despite a gentle demeanour, Deanna isn't afraid to have fun, and has been regular at poker nights on board ship.

She feels deeply, and, aside from Will Riker, has had a notable relationship with Worf, one that petered out into mutual friendship.

Skills & Flaws:
  • Empathy
  • Psychology
  • Practicality

  • Can be too empathic and compassionate
  • Can let emotions cloud clinical judgment on occasion
  • Susceptible to empathic or telepathic attack
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