Kerr Jax

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Kerr Jax

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Character Name:
Kerr Jax (or Kerr of the House of Jax)

Rank or Citizen Designation:

Residence: The House of Jax, Qo'noS

History: Kerr was born to a powerful and noble family in the Klingon Empire's upper echelons. His grandfather was a much respected and extremely formidable general in the Imperial Fleet, his father and uncles all sector commanders or ship captains at the least. His older brothers became battle leaders and his sisters were all married into other respected houses. It was no surprise when Kerr himself displayed excellence in the ways of Klingon society.

When the Emperor was presented with an offer to strengthen relations with the Federation, that opportunity was taken. The Emperor personally asked one of his finest generals for a member of that general's house to send to the Federation, to be trained by Starfleet in its ways and to represent the Klingon Empire's best and brightest. General Jax sent his favorite Grandson, the one he'd practically raised himself, Kerr.

His orders were to complete his training and serve with distinction for ten years before he even considered coming home. Kerr swore on his honor to do so, and his efforts ever since have shown this. Kerr enrolled in Starfleet and threw himself into study the three months before he went. Upon arrival Kerr completed his prerequisites with the dedication of a possessed being, barely speaking to those who were no doubt curious about his presence at the Academy. Kerr excelled at the physical, tactical, and practical courses, majoring in security and tactical while his aggressive personality often landed him in leadership or front line roles.

Kerr struggled in the purely academic lessons. He was utterly hopeless in anything but the most basic first aid (he had a tendency to slap wet mud on burns to soothe the sting so he could get back to shooting or hitting things) and his engineering comprehension stopped well within the purely mechanical realm. His command abilities were hit and miss, highly effective and popular in the field but his marks in the academic elements coming in middle of the road. Still, when the Academy graduated him it was with a B+ average and several written commendations and recommendations from classmates and professors.

The young Klingon took a tour as a Starfleet Marine before requesting and being granted a return to Starfleet proper with his new Commission of Lieutenant. Assigned to a new build up of assets near Deep Space Nine where things are beginning to develop in such a way that strong warriors will be a likely necessity.

Personality: On sight, Kerr often appears exactly as one might guess of a Klingon. Large, imposing, intense, and head on a swivel watching for trouble that most other beings presume will never materialize but he knows will... eventually. He tends to speak tersely on official matters, to superiors, and when dealing with people he can only classify as 'servants'.

However, anyone who deals with him for long finds another layer beneath. Lt. Jax genuinely cares about the men beneath him in service, regularly going out of his way to see their needs attended to, that they have free time commiserate with their duties, and that those with families have uninterrupted time with those loved ones. He maintains a Klingon version of discipline, willing to get rip roaring drunk with his men, be spoken too roughly by them if that is their way off duty, and as long as they maintain functional in service discipline all is well.

He is a classical Klingon warrior but his mother very quietly instilled in him a streak of caring for those around him, his understanding is the greatest warriors are those who fight with passion, with dedication, and caring about those he fights for and those he fights with improves himself and his fellows.

Skills & Flaws:

Personal Combat and Small Group tactics
Star Ship Targeting and Tactical Systems
Security Protocols and Criminal Statutes.
Strong Interpersonal Relationships


Poor Science and Pure Academics
Terrible First Aid (has Klingon Battle Medicine only)
Loose Command Style (Bothers other, stricter officers but his men love it.
Intimidating Appearance and Baring, Large Personality
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