Krunk the Infraggable

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Krunk the Infraggable

Postby Krunk » Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:19 pm

Krunk Kin-Bane
Male, Goliath, Barbarian/Fighter

Age: <#>
Height: 8ft
Weight: 340lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Green
Skin: Gray
Facial Hair: N/A
Handedness: Right
Scars/Tattoos: Mottling of light and dark patches on his skin in unique pattern.

<General Physical Description>
Krunk is a massive and imposing figure. 8ft tall, his frame supports an awe inspiring amount of muscle without making him foolishly bulky. His vivid green eyes are clear and focused, his countenance often appears disapproving and forbidding, and his movements are deliberate due to his size in a world often designed for much smaller humanoids. His arms, shoulders, and torso are lightly adorned by lithoderms just like the rest of his species.

<General Str, Health, Agility>
Built for power and endurance. Krunk is awe inspiringly strong and capable of maintaining feets of great strength for extended periods of time. His agility suffers for his size and weight but through his strength he can perform impressive bursts of speed while his endurance allows him to cover impressive distances on the march.

Deep and slow, like creaking of a great pine bough in the high alpine forests.

Krunk is, as yet, still whole and healthy in his physical form. His only telling disability is in the social category, his lack of clear speech in the Common language gives many people the impression he is slow or stupid. This leads to having to field more than his fair share of attempted confidence schemes and underhanded business attempts which, like any other reasonably intelligent being, he occasionally falls victim to or is forced to go along with in spite of knowing better.

Sturdy leather boots, well fitted leather pants, and studded leather armor of a sparing cut so as not to cover too much of his markings (else someone might think he's trying to hide his fate).

1 Large MW Adamantine Goliath Greathammer
3 Javelins
1 MW Suit Studded Leather Armor
1 Adventurer's Outfit (Goliath Cultural)

Items of Interest
1 backpack, 50ft hemp rope, soap, rations, 1 everburning torch, bag of marbles, 1 armor repair kit for studded leather armor, 1 sleeping role, 1 winter blanket, 1 Goliath nomad tent, 1 large hooded cloak, extra clothing.

<General Personality Traits>
Krunk was once possessed of a friendly and open nature. He generally liked people and could go along to get along when that was the most appropriate route to take with others. Now, he has learned better. Now he appears intimidating or outwardly hostile most of the time. When interacting with others he favors getting directly to the point of the interaction, though he doesn't go about tossing threats that need not be spoken. In the end he is as polite as the world allows him to be. Krunk tends to keep his words to a minimum until he gets to know someone to cover for the fact that his ability to express himself in Common is hindered.

<General Int, Wis, Cha>
Krunk is fairly intelligent, capable of grasping even the most complex practical concept. Where he falls short is in the abstract. Politics, philosophy, and the like either doesn't interest him in the first place or simply doesn't make sense to his direct way of thinking. Due to his single-culture upbringing and relatively short time in the greater world beyond his home mountains, Krunk has a hard time fitting smoothly in with the various social structures of Faerun. He often doesn't even try, merely striding forward and letting the world adjust to his presence instead of the other way around. As well, Krunk has a hard time expressing himself in any language other than his native tongue. Note: Krunk only speaks his native Gol-Kaa, Dwarven (broken), and Common (broken).

Krunk is in awe of the readily available supply of food to be found in the 'lowlands' occupied by the smaller races. He greatly enjoys the incredible variety of both basic foods and prepared meals. He will readily spend more money than is strictly wise on a gourmet meal.

He is, however, greatly disturbed by the sheer number of dishonest folk he has encountered since his exile from the Clan. Often, his wonder at the world he is getting to explore is sullied or outright disrupted by how often he finds folks attempting to cheat and swindle him. Most disturbing is when someone who was otherwise honest and kind mistakes his poor speaking ability for the kind of ignorance that they consider an irresistible opportunity.

The idea of a body of water so large that one couldn't see land terrifies Krunk. As such, he doesn't care for boats and will hurt people in order to avoid getting so far from shore that he couldn't swim to it if the need arose. Fortunately, he can swim quite far. He is also deeply disturbed by the idea of a being who can live so long that they could know their great grandfather. Namely, elves.

<Attitudes towards friends/strangers>
Krunk is wary of strangers, particularly ones who start talking about 'deals' or 'opportunities of a lifetime' and all the other sales pitches he's heard over the last couple of years. He responds far more positively to small talk and/or offers of work with defined recompense. Once he makes friends in the lowlands he's likely to be a dependable go along type of person, adopting the goals and plans of whoever he's attached himself to in light of the fact that he has no such purpose of his own other than to never attempt to return to his homelands.

<Opinion of the World>
Simply put, he finds the width and breadth of Faerun simply amazing. Krunk figures he will spend the rest of his life traveling back and forth across it in search of the next thing to see, the next challenge to overcome, and the next experience to add to his life. It's all he has to look forward to in his own mind. The only thing that disappoints him is the people who seem intent to waste his time and money trying to con him out of his time and money.

Birthplace: Camp of the Kathaal Tribe (nomadic, location varies)
Hometown: Nomadic (technically homeless)

Krunk once claimed a wife and child. His wife is now deceased and the child proven to be not his.

Valik Lodaar of Clan Shieldbreaker (Dwarven Fighter)
Kal'esril Melarn of the House Melarn (Drow Ranger of Eilistraee)

None of current note though he has been the scourge of a few slavers since leaving his high mountains.

<Religious preferences>
Kuliak, the Dead Goddess (Goliath goddess of the dead and exiles) is his patron deity. He is faithful but doesn't spend a lot of time dwelling on the subject.

Krunk is an exceptional athlete. Climbing, Jumping, Swimming, and Wrestling all come naturally to him and have been honed through the inherent training that all Goliath go through while growing up. In the realms of the smaller races his immense size and quiet demeanor give him a solid ability to Intimidate as well. Having grown up with his tribe as normal Krunk is a capable hunter and gatherer, being able to see to his own Survival with his Nature Knowledge.

Being around the smaller races, Krunk has learned to throw his weight around with exceptional efficiency (Cleave, Great Cleave) as well as how to snap off attacks at those who attempt to use their quickness to get by him (Combat Reflexes).

<Magic Items>
So far, Krunk hasn't acquired anything more magical than his MW Goliath Greathammer, though he's always on the lookout for a belt of Giant's Strength.

<Pets/Animal Companions>
He's been known to share food with the occasional alley cat but nothing more permanent than a few pet-pets has come of it thus far.
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