Vaydra Lakish

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Vaydra Lakish

Postby Vaydra » Mon Dec 01, 2014 3:28 am

Name: Vaydra Lakish
Age: 20
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Breed: homid
Tribe: Glasswalker
Auspice: Ahroun

Str: 3
Dex: 4
Sta: 4 *

cha: 2
Man: 1
App: 3

Per: 3
int: 2
Wit: 3

alert: 2
athletics: 1 *
brawl: 3
dodge: 3 *
intim: 2
primal: 1

drive: 2
firearm: 3
melee: 2
stealth: 3
survival: 2
security: 3 *

comp: 2 *
invest: 2
occult: 1
rituals: 1

contact: 2
resources: 3
kinfolk: 1
purebreed: 2
ally: 1
totem: 2 * Boar

Breed: persuasion
Tribe: control simple machine
Auspice: falling touch, razor claws *

Rage: 6 *
Gnosis: 3
willpower: 4

15 glory
2 honor
1 wisdom

Rituals: Rite of Silence (lev 1)
Rite of Wounding (lev 1)

Personality: Vaydra at times communicates better with machines than humans or her own kind. They are easier to understand, but as she's gotten older, she has warmed to other interactions. She can be gruff and stand-offish most of the time, and is seldom affectionate to anyone, though cares for her friends and looks out for them. Vaydra enjoys a good fight almost as much as a troubling technological issue. She dislikes sweets, extreme heat or cold, and places with no wifi.

History: Vaydra was born in Russia, but at age three moved to England with her father, and was raised there. Her father was kin and moved there to protect his daughter from a pack of spirals that had killed most of her mother's pack. They hunted for her over the years, but only stumbled upon her at age 16, three months after her first change.

Vaydra's first change happened on a night that really turned her life around. Always having a penchant for lock picking and basic security systems, her teenage years had been filled with honing that skill set and using it to rebel against her father, her school, authority in general. That early October night, she'd decided to break into a local corner shop and clean out the safe she'd caught sight of weeks before. Just one problem, she'd tripped the silent alarm and by the time she realized the store had one, it had been thirty seconds or so. Vaydra disarmed it and moved quickly, by soon enough the police had arrived. Her pockets stuffed, Vaydra panicked and ran to the back, that feeling made worse by the extra seconds it took to bust through the door to the alley behind. The officers were close, but she kept running, tripping over her own feet as she neared a fence. Her anger and frustration and fear made things a blur. She felt strange and dizzy, dragging herself back behind a pair of trash cans as she heard the officers turn the corner she was at. She remembered something that sounded like thunder inside her that deafened her ears and erupted into a growl as the cans seemed to explode outwards towards the approaching law men. She rushed out, feeling lighter, but hunched over on all fours. The officers recoiled in fear as she leapt upon them, biting the first in the arm. Biting? What was wrong with her? She ran off, hearing them call for backup for a 'feral dog' but not really connecting that they meant her.

She ran for what felt like hours, but was likely only ten minutes or so, finding herself at her father's house, hitting the door with a paw before passing out. Maybe it was all some horrible dream?
Vaydra awoke inside the house under a blanket on the floor of her room. She poked her nose out to see her father waiting in her desk chair. The mirror on the door showed a wolf, tannish and white in color staring back. Vaydra backed up into the far wall, crying out. Was she still asleep?
No.......her father's hand was on her shoulder in a moment. "Shhh Vaydra.......I will explain, but you need to calm down now. Breathe child and concentrate on my voice."
She calmed down, slowly then. He explained what had happened, and told her what limited knowledge he had to teach her how to shift back into her human form. When she did, she was quite embarassed to find she was naked under the blankets, and scratched and bloody. She also had a strange taste in her mouth that she realized was traces of the officer's blood she had bitten. Awful.

After the incident, Vaydra stopped rebelling so much. Perhaps it had been normal teenage angst, but part of it was this unknown energy it seemed. Vaydra learned her mother's nature and fate with a heavy heart. She only had the vaguest memories anyhow, but knowing her mother had been murdered hurt still. To further her training, her father and she moved to Exeter area, where a nearby cairn was set up to do so. Things were quiet for a few months, but then trouble struck. The spirals who had been seeking her and her father out finally tracked them down through a deserter of the cairn. They attacked in the night, without warning, and Vaydra nearly lost her life trying in vain to keep her father from losing his. It was not to be, and as a reminder of her failure, she has three deep scars across her rib cage and left side of her abdomen. It was only by sheer luck she managed to get help in time, the spirals had been spooked and run off by a passing pair of Bone Gnawers that were friends of her family and they saved her just in time.

In his will, his father left her the house- paid off, and a small stipend of cash. It helped that two of her kinfolk cousins, Pam and George moved in with her to help offset costs and keep another haven for garou open in the city proper. For the past few years, Vaydra has been learning and growing stronger. She ran with a pack in the city for a couple of years and helped defeat some hefty threats, gaining her some respect and renown amongst her pack and the nearby septs. Vaydra earns her keep wherever she goes usually in the computer/technology repair fields, and it gets her by, but she does have some of the money her father left to her if need be. She's smart enough so that for now, it hasn't been an issue. In her time she's worked with Corvax, Ratkin, and a few other shifters, and is streetwise enough to usually know who to trust and when. It's helped her out of more than one jam of late. She's a good shot with her guns, and that has helped her out of just as many.

( I have the kin's sheets too if they are needed)
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