Rand Cousland

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Rand Cousland

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Class: Rogue
Style: Two-Weapon Melee
Specialty: Ranger

Friendly, kind, generous, loud, and patient. Never one to worry about the coin he spends on others, nor keep track of a debt owed him for the coins alone. Rand is an oft liked person who occasionally rubs more serious seeming folks the wrong way with his generally carefree attitude, but his personality's primary purpose is to cover up his bad temper. The loss of most of his family awoke in the young noble a tendency to react violently to threats and major slights, even if they aren't aimed directly at him. He is just as capable of drawing an aggressor's focus to himself as he is of turning a quiet bar in a sleepy town into a guard summoning party.

Iglarand "Rand" Cousland was born the youngest son of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland, the Teyrn and Teyrna of Highever, preceded by his older brother Fergus only. Any chance of becoming the Teyrn of Highever ended when Fergus married the lovely Oriana who soon gave birth to their son Oren. Not that Rand had ever worried about such a thing, it had rather relieved him of a great deal of pressure and freed him to be a bit more himself.

So it was that Rand was able to be goofing off with a lady's servant when Rendon Howe set off his betrayal of the Couslands after most of the family's troops, along with Fergus, had marched toward Ostagar the day before. Fortunately, the distraction allowed Rand to react. Unfortunately, it cost the servant her life and Rand was not fast enough to save his Sister-in-Law and his nephew. Nor ultimately was he able to save his mother or his father. In the end, with the help of a family friend named Ser Gilmore, the only things Rand was able to save were himself, his family's sword, and his Mabari hound.

The sword he had every intention of personally introducing to Rendon Howe's internal organs, point first.

The next few months were a series of misadventures that moved him from Highever to Denerim, Denerim to Redcliffe, Redcliffe back to Denerim, and finally a homecoming to Highever by the side of his brother Fergus and at the head of a military force more than sufficient to retake their homeland from the remains of Rendon Howe's forces. Evading Howe's forces shortly after his escape from Castle Cousland was no mean feat, equal parts stealth and savage violence. The trek to Denerim long and arduous. His attempts to approach Rendon Howe thwarted by circumstance and chance, his sword was turned aside just before every opportunity.

And then the Warden beat him to the kill.

Still a teenager, he was without purpose. For about fifteen seconds. That was when he decided he would step into the vacuum that Howe's death had created. The young noble, claiming his place as the heir apparent to Highever in the Landsmeet and immediately casting his vote in support of the Arl of Redcliff and the three then four then three Wardens of Fereldan. When the Landsmeet was over Rand immediately threw in on the tail end of Eamon's household as it moved from his estate in Denerim to Redcliffe. The idea was to sign up, serve against the horde, and use his service to leverage assistance in retaking Highever afterward.

The horde was quite helpful in that regard, moving to force the fight immediately. Rand was amongst the Arl's forces when the Horde brushed against Redcliffe, then he marched with the army to retake Denerim. Fighting in the streets, standing in awe at the passing of the Archdemon to say nothing of its death. Rand fought and survived that terrible conflict, even once swearing he had spotted the Wardens through the blood and death on their way to the final confrontation.

Everything else followed in a flash. Furgus appeared, having survived the events of Ostagar. Together they petitioned for assistance in righting the wrongs done to them by the Howe family... well, those wrongs that were within the power of the mundane to make right. Their parents, Furgus' wife and child, all were laid to rest in the family crypts once their castle was retaken. When the King's commands came down the brothers Cousland shrugged. The Wardens were preferable to the Howe's as neighbors as far as they were concerned.

The Teyrnir safely out of Rand's hands once more, Rand did what he could to help his brother reestablish things as needed all while he felt it was no longer a place he could bare to linger. So it was, that shortly after coming home, Rand bid his brother farewell and took to wandering in much the same way he had while seeking vengeance. Taking and carrying his own family's sword with his brother's permission, Rand set off. First to Denerim, then south along the wilds to see Ostagar for himself out of sheer curiosity. While there he encountered the Queen's armies, sweeping up the last of the fleeing Darkspawn. He quickly fell in with the scouts and learned a great deal from an older member, picking up the ways of the Ranger.

Ways that would serve him well as he determined to travel on toward Orlais, Antiva, the Free Marches, and wherever else the wind might blow.
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