Cadence "Cady" Richardson

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Cadence "Cady" Richardson

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( The history is a little off on her, I will add details about the Apocalypse as needed)

Name: Cadence "Cady" (Play by Anna Sophia Robb)

Type: Survivalist

Age: 20

Physical Description: Cady is a bit short, standing at 5'2", and weighs about 115 lbs, making her solid and strong.
She has blonde, wispy hair and sharp blue eyes. She has her cartiliage pierced on both ears twice. She often wears a grey t shirt under button down shirts,usually a size too big, and dark denims. Her current sneakers are well-traveled and are grey with blue stripes. She has few possessions, but carries a backpack with her full of what little she finds useful and needs. She has a scar on her chest from surgery when she was young, but it is rarely shown to anyone. No tattoos, both ears and cartillage are pierced with silver hoops. Wears a small moonstone pendant on a silver chain. She has an old rifle and ammunition, but only what she can easily carry so is always looking for more, and doesn't reply on it for hunting and day to day things.

Personality: Cady is tough as nails, but does possess thread of human compassion when she has to. She looks out for herself first however, and if something isn't going to benefit her, she loses interest. If it persists as an annoyance, it dies or wishes it had. Growing up as a survivor gives you trust issues, and she's been on her own more or less for a close to four years. She's kept herself alive by being very careful who she interacts with at all.

History: Before the disease struck, Cady's life had been anything but normal. Doctors were called in within an hour or her birth, and after some NICU monitoring and ultrasounds, it was found Cady had a heart valve that wasn't closing, allowing old, oxygen-depleted blood back into her system. It was killing her slowly, and there was no choice but to immediately operate. Both of her parents pwrried over how they would pay the bill, but it was all they could do to save their first child. After a year of follow-ups and medications, Cady was mostly fine, though she'd always bear a scar for her ordeal. For the next year, they struggled trying to pay the high medical bills. Both of her parents had to work, the baby left in the care of her grandmother. In the process, they lost their home and had to move in with her grandmother. Cady was nine when the first strange attacks and events happened in New York. All of a sudden, the world changed, panic ensued. In her city of Boston, no such attack had yet occured, but people began hemmoraging out of the city just as if it had. When London was hit not long after, her parents decided to join the flow of people out into more rural areas, hoping they could start a new life and leave the bills and debt behind in the wake of the disasters. However, life on the run and mostly on their own wasn't so easy, especially as in the coming months, the fighting and battles swept through the larger cities like wildfire. No where was safe for long unless you were way out in the less populated areas. It was exceptionally hard with a small child. Sometimes they traveled with others, for a time, but fairly often it was just the three of them.

As Cady grew, she sensed the resentment and strain in her parents when times were especially tough. A survivor from birth, Cady was determined to prove her worth and earn her place to show them she could. When she was only ten, she'd demanded to learn how to shoot. The rifle had been almost as big as she was, but she learned
quickly. Her mother taught her what she could about first aid and medicine in their situation, and Cady found it useful. Sometimes you could trade medical care and advice for food, supplies and ammunition. If you were smart enough. Years passed, Cady aged, knowling little else but turmoil, distrust, survival. She didn't meet very many children on her journey. She always wondered if people thought them too much of a liability, too dependant. No doubt most were in the urban areas, where she seldom ventured. Her mother would find books here and there and teach her what she could, so Cady is educated, but not overly well. Slowly they moved south west, fighting when they had to.

On a raid into a hospital for insulin and antibiotics, both of her parents were killed, along with two others who had been travelling with them. Cady and two younger boys were on lookout a safe distance away, too far to intervene directly. It had been to protect them, but it had left the raiding party without backup. When they didn't return before nightfall, the three had no choice but to go back to the shelter. Cady resented the fact she couldn't go investigate, but the two boys were six and eight, she was supossed to be keeping them alive. The next day they went back to the lookout point, but found no sign. Then, came shouts, and the world went black as someone struck her with something hard. They were captured, held and put to work by some sort of rough and tumble group once they realized the kids had no idea where their parents were. No parents=no ransom for supplies. It was hell there, she saw people beat and bloody, a few amputations, sometimes screams at night.

Cady took about a month of it. One too many lecherous looks from a couple of the guys keeping her, and the 16 year old was planning her escape. One night, at about two AM, she slipped out of the perimeter
and ran into the night. She did make one stop on the way. The leader had been raising dogs for food, hunting, even fighting. Cady decided a dog was a more trustworthy companion than any human.
So, before she left, she snuck to the gated area the animals were kept at, and picked up one small pup. The rest she let out. The barking, running canines gave hernthe distraction she neeed to slip out unnoticed. Well, that and one of the supply tents had been set aflame. Tragedy when they only had two. Saving those resources was
far more important than getting one of the captives back. Part of her regretted leaving the younger boy, the older had already been corrupted and now acted just like their captors. But he would have been a burden, and probably gotten her caught. Evan would maybe cross her path again someday, if he was lucky enough. Survival was pointless if you didn't learn a bit on your own, right? It weighs on her now, but that night she never looked back, never slowed. She ran most of the night, stopping only when she had to catch her breath. It's been years, and she keeps on running, finding temporary places to hole up for a month or three at a time, seldom longer.

She doesn't have a goal or a destination, just to keep moving when it suits. Watching out for all the strange creatures she has heard rumor of and saw on the news and internet before those information
sources were made useless and destroyed by all of the fighting. Cady is on her own, with her dog, a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix she calls Oss/Oswald, for as long as she can survive.
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