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Chronotons & Canaries

Postby Superboy » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:09 pm

Superboy slammed into the wall of the museum with the kind of force that would have broken a human body. Fortunately, he was sufficiently far from being human that it did little more than make him grit his teeth and growl at the animated Gorilla statue that had come out of the wildlife exhibit after the villain he was after had thrown some sort of circular device at it. The device had sprouted legs just before impact, crawled around to the center of the taxidermy Gorilla's back, and then futuristic science had taken place. Point was, the thing was fighting him and he already hated monkeys. Great Apes included. But he'd been on patrol and seen Booster Gold headed somewhere in a hurry, he'd thought to check it out, and been dragged into a battle between the time traveling tech-reliant hero and some equivalent villain who's name Conner hadn't quite caught yet. The fake Gorilla charged him, galloping on all fours, as an explosion sounded from the next gallery over. Conner had to act now, so he lunged forward as the Gorilla was raising its animated arms high for a two-fisted smash. The sudden burst of speed he gained from pushing off the wall with superhuman strength got him there faster than the Gorilla apparently expected because it didn't even try to turn away as he jammed his fist through it's facade, through it's 'chest' cavity, and out the back to wrap around the device that was animating it.

One squeeze and the animated Gorilla statue problem was solved as the device exploded in Superboy's hand. He sharp movement with his arm threw off the inert amalgamation of wood, metal, and fur as he ran toward the next gallery. There were gems, jewels, and crystals everywhere. The geology exhibit had only been put in a month ago, it had been in all the papers in both Metropolis and Gotham, he was fairly certain he'd seen it get a front page in Central City too. What did a time traveling villain want with a geology exhibit? Conner was fairly certain he was a mere monologue away from finding out, they always rattled off their plan because bad guys were almost universally dumb. He was just finishing up one, floating in the air looking down at Booster Gold. Booster was just picking himself up from what looked like a pretty hard fall, looking around for the hover board thing he used to fly. The more Superboy's eyes flickered back and forth the more similar he found the two men. The villain really was just a dark purple and grey version of Booster with slightly less ostentatious styling to his costume's details. He even had a hover board very similar in design but in his own colors.

"... have the chronostone. Now there's nothing you can do to stop me from collecting the most deadly weapons throughout history with which to control the future! Hahahaha."

Superboy had a running jump before the villain, who's name he still wasn't aware of, even knew he was back into the fight. Said villain pressed the button on a wrist mounted contraption before noticing the oncoming flash of movement, before his eyes flickered up and his face started to turn to shock. Superboy wrapped his left hand around the bracer-like mounting for a control panel that the villain had just been manipulating, the villain's face turning to horror, before his weight slammed into the guy. The hover board went careening one direction while the Kryptonian and the Time Traveler went flying along their now shared ballistic arc. The device in Conner's hand screeched as he gave it a squeeze in the thought that it might be as easy to stop as the Gorilla animator had been. The villain screeched to, "no you fool" or some such, as an energy field surrounded them. They smashed through a massive round decorative window, colored glass blossoming out into the night with them. The glass clattered to the ground, shattering into even smaller pieces everywhere... but the two combatants did not.

Booster Gold came running out the front doors of the museum just a few moments later, his eyes frantically searching as the little robot sidekick that followed him around trilled in alarm. "Oh man.... oh man! I am in soooo much trouble." He looked at the bot and then the night sky before activating his comm unit. "Booster Gold to Watchtower... I need an emergency response team on my location, now. And... whoever is in charge of Superboy needs to know... he's missing."


He'd never forget that ride. Conner had no idea what had happened but he knew to the very core of his soul that it had been 'incorrect'. He'd felt like he'd been pulled, strung out a million miles like an impossible taffy, twisted, and spun into a helix then slapped back together more or less correctly before slamming into concrete at sub-terminal velocity. He knew it was sub-terminal because he didn't wake up in a crater, but behind a classic Chevy car that had seen better days. It was dark, there was litter in the street, and he couldn't keep his eyes open. They fell slowly shut at things went blurry again, that explosion had really taken it out of him...

Conner woke up again to sunlight on his back. It would have been uncomfortable, the asphalt was baking a bit, but he was mostly Kryptonian so it was merely warm from his perspective and even that was an academic awareness more than a felt one. People were walking by, the occasional intake of breath as they drew even indicating that they'd noticed him laying there but aside from a halting step or two nobody really stopped to check on him. That was unusual in a neighborhood as good as the one that the museum was in. Why hadn't Booster picked him up? Had he been defeated? If Booster was out of it there would be a backup team coming, or someone from the Team would have come looking, as the daylight said he'd been out of touch for way longer than he'd been expected to. He was still too disoriented to put a finger on it but something was definitely wrong if he was still laying in the street come sunrise. He groaned and started to push himself up, planting each hand one at a time before exerting the effort it took to get himself up to his knees.

Gotham had never been the nicest place but it had come a long way in the years since he'd come crawling out of a Cadmus facility and even further since the Batman had begun his watch. This was... awful. Even by the standards of the worst part of Gotham. And... what was up with all the forty year old cars? He usually didn't pay attention to such things but it was just such an odd sight, this wasn't a car show and they were certainly not the lovingly cared for or restored items you'd expect to see at one. It was just a street, every vehicle was a beat up representation of an older vehicle with the newest being 23 years out of the factory. His encyclopedic knowledge of world history had such trivia, and it was telling him he wasn't in Kansas anymore. "Hey, guy. You alright?" He turned to find a very attractive blond girl, dressed in jeans and an old-style shirt that hinted at a decade of fashion he had never seen in real life.

"Ohhh.... boy," he said to himself as he put all the pieces together. He'd leaped through time.

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