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Postby Cady » Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:13 pm

At the information, Cady nodded, noting carefully which direction he pointed. Four days that way, then. It wasn't impossible by any means for her and Oss to get up there in possibly less time, but that depended on terrain. She arched a brow at the 'unescorted' comment, but left it be. Given how quickly Oswald was to defer to Rand, being with her companion was nearly the same as being alone anyhow.
"I'll watch my back if I do go and see about them. Thanks."

Cady was used to being on her own. Even when her parents were around and alive, with the way the world had been, she'd been on her own alot. Much like the animals she had read about in books. They had to hunt and protect investments, so just stored her someplace safe as they could manage in the interim. Much like her stuff back across the road....

Her blood chilled a bit in her veins as Rand spoke again. She stood up straighter, straining to see, hear or smell whatever it was the two more skilled with her were doing to figure out who and what was out there. She was not really surprised or disappointed when she couldn't detect anything amiss. A snap of a twig here, a hushing of the night time bugs there, but that could have been absolutely anything, and not specifically a threat to them. Cady had little idea of what Red Talons or Fianna were aside from context clues Rand had given. Smaller groups of werewolves from the sound of it. But these Red Talons didn't much sound like anyone she wanted to meet. "Something they don't like..."

Cady trailed off, knowing she didn't have to finish her ponderings. The flickering flames of a fire were a beacon to all sorts of bad things and people. If it wasn't them, it had to be other humans not far off. Somehow the thought was less than a comfort than it should have been. Death came in lots of forms, afterall. Picking between one and another wasn't really much choice.

Oss kept pacing at the edge of the fire's light. Back and forth, again and again in the direction Rand was looking now. He wasn't acting scared of the man anymore, and that was probably because of this new trouble. Enemy of my enemy and all. She almost didn't hear Rand when he spoke and she turned her eyes back his way, blinking. It took a second to process what he had said without asking him to repeat it. Her stuff...

Well, damnit. What's in there anyhow?

She frowned, patting herself to remind her of what she was missing. "I should. I won't do well without my snares and tools. 'Have to have'? No, but I'd rather than not."

Without another word, she started walking in a perpendicular way to the direction Rand and Oss had been watching, back towards the road beyond the junk car that she'd need to cross to get to the house and her temporary shed shelter behind that. She didn't want to waste any more time talking about it, if it was a risk to be here. Oss whined at her, and paced a bit closer, starting to walk with her without being called, continuously watching their twelve o' clock now. She had to get her gun and supplies if she could. Cady wasn't running yet, so to her, there was time. Rand could follow or not. Her ears were tuned into him too, just to see if he was going to. She didn't trust him entirely yet not to jump her, but every second that passed when he didn't was a point in his favor.
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