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Postby Ellie Phimister » Tue May 29, 2018 6:02 am

"Who else would I say sweet things to?" Not to belabor the fact that she was only intimately interested in the same, but her tone was still not Ellie-as-usual. Ellie could only wish that what was going on with her qualified as 'weird' because then there would be no end of older mutants she could go to and ask for help on this weird thing that she had no eartly business knowing how to resolve herself. She could only imagine Logan's response as something along the lines of "welcome to the club" only gruffer and Canadian wilderness'y. Piotr, bless his big heart, would try desperately to be supportive but Ellie was almost certain she knew more about relationships than he ever would. When was the last time the lug had even been on a date? She knew going to Scott would be an exercise in what not to do, and she already had grief with Jean who lets face it had chosen Scott once upon a time. That left Magneto... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... and Charles, who apparently fancied unhealthy relationships with mass murdering men which did her absolutely no good at all. So, there was Paige. Who was, pardon the pun, at least on the same page.

"Priorities are never a problem, I have a spread sheet in my google-docs." It was a sarcastic joke, even if a half-hearted one. Step in the right direction she supposed. "Oh yeah, any moment now Match will blow something up I'm sure. Or pop a bird out of the sky with one of those flash-bang things he does. Once he found out I was largely immune to physical damage he started using those on me in training, leaves my ears ringing every time he gets me." That wasn't necessarily true, he couldn't do the damage that created tenitus, not to her, but getting knocked violently to the ground had a way of leaving 'a gal', as Ben liked to reference, disoriented. Fair was fair, though. She'd gut punched him sixteen times before he'd figured out what to do about her at all. Then he'd freaked out when his first solution had genuinely frightened her, apologized endlessly. She'd gut punched him a few more times before his experimentations had found a relatively harmless way of reliably shutting her down. Now she sided with him whenever possible, because it sucked.

"The break up is what it is, she has things to work out and the way she deals with them just isn't for me. Sucks, but it's life. I have no problems with her outside of romance, so I'm not moping over her. And yes, I'm fully self-aware that I'm moping." Ellie wanted to be clear that she wasn't angry at or sad because of Theresa, that was a separate issue that wasn't even really to do with the other girl. It was Ellie's issue with Theresa's issue that was the issue that caused the break up. Theresa was completely justified in her issue and welcome to cope with it anyway she wanted. But that was a separate issue from why Ellie was moping. Thank the goddess, Paige seemed to understand that.

"I'm a loner, though. Other people come around, we do some stuff, and then they don't come around anymore. I was used to that. Then Theresa comes along and sticks and I get used to it... then she's not sticking anymore and I miss having someone around. Why? I was perfectly happy not having someone around before? Now I do what I always did and then suddenly want to turn around and share it with someone..." She made an energetic hand gesture like there was supposed to be somebody there and for some unknowable reason there wasn't. "I'm sure there is," she responded to Paige's offer of help. "I just have no earthly idea what."
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Re: Hayseed Hearthrob

Postby DarthKenobi » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:47 pm

“I'm sure there's a girl around here somewhere who wouldn't mind.” Ellie was cute as hell, even if she and Paige weren't exactly best friends. They'd run into each other around the school, because who hadn't, and there had been one very fun 'movie night'. But Paige was well aware that she tended to overestimate what kind of connection that made, when it came to making friends. So it made her a little more friendly than some people actually wanted to deal with, but hey, at least she had plenty of experience considering the family that she came from. When you had half a dozen siblings who always had handfuls of their friends around, there was really no way that you could stay antisocial.

“Well, at least you're organised, right?” she teased. Even though she still wasn't sure that Ellie was feeling all right, at least she was able to joke about things. Sure, that might be nothing more than a bit of pretense, but hey, it was better than actual nothing. Fake it till you make it, right? And if she could help Ellie deal with this whole 'bad breakup' thing that she had going on, well, she definitely wouldn't mind. Paige had a habit of helping out everyone that she came across, and sometimes whether they wanted her to help them or not. But walking away had never come easily to her, which meant that when her mutation had kicked in and made her pretty hard to hurt... well, it was definitely a good thing.

“His powers definitely aren't quiet,” Paige agreed. “But he's a sweet guy.” And honestly, if she didn't lean more towards girls, she probably would have loved to date him. For one thing, he seemed to know a lot more about survival and hunting for himself than, well, anyone else at the school. Or at least anyone else that she knew, and honestly, why was it that all guys seemed to come from the city with zero practical survival skills? With how she'd grown up, it was just weird to think that some people didn't hunt or fish or ride, although her pre-Xavier's lifestyle probably sounded weird to a bunch of the people here too. Still, everyone was different, and it was part of what made the place so exciting.

She smiled at Ellie's story about the training. “Well, next time your ears start ringing, maybe I can kiss it better.” It wasn't like that would be hard to do. Paige liked the other woman, definitely as a friend, and she wouldn't mind something more happening between them. Yeah, dating Tess had probably been a bad idea, what with the Irish girl's seemingly millions of problems. But hey, at least she had been cute, and Paige wouldn't have minded a one night stand herself. Anything longer than that, though, and Paige tended to stay away from people who were Tess' particular brand of crazy. Sometimes.

“Moping is pretty standard for breakups, or so I hear.” She hadn't dated too many people, given the attitude in rural Kentucky about lesbians. And fortunately the relationships with the occasional boyfriend had never been ones that she was too invested in emotionally. Yeah, she'd generally had to talk down her brothers from going to punch the guy in question, but occasionally he had ended up deserving it. “It sucks when people's crazy doesn't match your crazy, but it happens all the time. Sooner or later you find someone better for you.” Or so she'd heard, because really, at this point she wasn't holding out much hope for a long-term relationship.

And then Ellie started talking a whole lot more than Paige had expected of her. “People are pack animals,” she said with a little shrug. “Seems like nobody likes being alone. Even that dick Erik keeps showing back up at the school when he's supposed to be some mortal enemy of the X-Men.” While Paige didn't exactly like the weirdo that kept saying that they needed to kill off half the world for the sake of supremacy, she at least... okay, she couldn't at least understand where he was coming from. Probably a good thing that she couldn't get where the local terrorist was coming from, and she wasn't going to believe that it was because he loved Charles any time soon.

“Well, if you ever need someone to talk to, I tend to stick around the school these days.” Unless she was off on missions, or major holidays when she went back home to be with her family for a few days. Although the majority of her family – at least her siblings – were also here at the school with her. So sometimes it was more like her parents flew out to see them, not that Paige ever really minded either way. “But seriously, if you need anything... my room's right on the second floor.” And there wasn't really much that Paige could foresee Ellie asking about that she wouldn't be willing to do.
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Re: Hayseed Hearthrob

Postby Warlord » Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:47 am

"More than one, actually." She hadn't been without intimate activity, because she hadn't been shy about making her proclivities known but at the same time she had been very tight lipped about who she entertained those proclivities with. Ellie had spent her time in the closet, and only come out when she didn't have a choice. She totally respected others not being ready to do the same. "But I guess I'm greedy, I want her to blush too." Who wouldn't want to affect someone like that? What better romance could a gal ask for? Ellie might one day come up with an answer to that question but it wouldn't be that day, and until then she'd focus on what she knew. "I don't know how organized I am, though. I guess it depends on what's needing organizing." Her computer? Like an obsessive compulsive accountant's checkbook. Her room... not so much. Her life? Complete disaster area.

She smirked at the turn in the conversation she'd caused by referencing Ben. "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, that mutation. Can you imagine how bad it would have been if Pyro had that level of power? That guy's a tool already, it must be driving him nuts to have Match around..." Which, honestly, probably fed into him being worse than usual. Oh well. Ben at least didn't want to hurt anyone, which was why he'd scaled back when contesting Ellie. It made him even more likeable as far as she was concerned, that he didn't want to just win but rather wanted to win on his terms. "Oh? I might have to invite you down to the next training session. I do like the way you kiss..." She gave her patented smoulder along with a wink at Paige's offer to kiss 'it' and make it better. It was almost a shame she didn't have any bruises to offer up to that end.

"Maybe that's it, maybe I've never really had a breakup before and so this pretty standard experience feels uniquely bad from my perspective even though it isn't really." Ellie sat up straight and looked at Paige for a long moment. "So you hear? You haven't had any bad breakups?" It wasn't that it wasn't believable, she was a cool chick, but that was the kind of chick that attracted obsessive types. Especially after the fact, when they realized what they'd had and lost. "I can't even begin to put into words the kind of crazy that would compliment mine," she laughed at the very idea. She had to consider the observation that humans were social creatures. She'd done a pretty good impression so far of that not being a 100% true but... then she'd gotten used to having someone else around. Now evolution was rearing it's ugly head. As for Erik, there was no place else to go other than to the one man who had the influence to make others tolerate him. It was all Erik had going for him, a soft spot in Charles Xavier's heart.

"Yeah, me too." There wasn't really anywhere to go. The mutant scene in the city was drying up as the paranoia grew under the mounting threat of the registry. They were laying low, wondering if they could vanish back into human society forever. Ellie couldn't blame them, it wasn't so different to being gay early on, but she also knew that just like being gay she'd never live in hiding again. She may not put up billboards on either subject but she had no intention of being ashamed or going into a database like some sort of criminal. She just wasn't going to do it. "You got a roommate or a one bunk?" Paige, of course, knew Ellie's room was soundproof, single occupant, and on the X-Men hall. Ellie had never looked into Paige's living arrangements, though she knew several other Guthries attended the school as well.
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Re: Hayseed Hearthrob

Postby DarthKenobi » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:48 am

“Plenty of more fish in the sea, or whatever that saying is.” Though Paige had always taken that as something of a warning as well – sure, there were pretty ones like angelfish and Mandarin fish, but there were also blob fish and wolffish. And then there was shit like the blue-ringed octopus and box jellyfish that could kill you with very little effort. Really, the sea was absolutely terrifying if you stopped to think about what was in it. Maybe it was a good thing that she hadn't grown up near the shore, even if one of her favourite books was Treasure Island. That prequel tv show they'd done hadn't been half bad either.

But she could certainly empathise with Ellie's next words. “I keep my library at home in perfect condition, but the rest of my room? Half the time I'm lucky just to find my wallet and keys.” At least back home there was always some sibling that she could count on to call her phone for her. Well, and here too, though the other students and adults were usually a little too busy to be called upon for small things like that. Sometimes Paige just went without her phone, if she wasn't leaving the building. After all, what was going to happen that couldn't wait a few hours? If there was some family emergency, one of her siblings here at the school would find her immediately.

She smiled at the continued mention of Ben. “He really is a sweetheart. And god, Pyro is such a dick already! I bet he runs off with Erik someday. Just because Charles is head over heels for the guy doesn't mean he's not going to recruit out of the school sooner or later.” Really, she was surprised that the supposedly former terrorist hadn't been open about it already. Yeah, he seemed to be a little bit calmer about it all, or at least he did when he was around one of his kids, or Charles. But Paige wasn't going to believe that he'd truly reformed just because of a few smiles. Much as she wanted to see the good in people, there was a difference between optimism and naivety.

“I can kiss you anywhere, you know,” she said teasingly. “Although if it was after a training session, I would have to make sure that you weren't hiding any bruises from me.” Who cared if that meant a little bit of nudity? They were both adults, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time that she'd found herself in intimate company with another woman. Sure, it hadn't happened as often as she would like, but that only came as part and parcel of living in a homophobic small town. But then again, a lot of things would have changed if she'd grown up in a different way. Things that she liked just the way they were.

“Haven't had many breakups at all, really. There's a little bit of a shortage of lesbians in Kentucky mining towns. And I didn't care much about dating other guys. So even though I dated... I dunno, three or four, the breakups never bothered me. It was kind of funny to see people try to guess all the reasons I didn't want to date some linebacker or another in high school.” Even if there had been only so many times she'd been able to use the 'he's not my type' line, since there was some variation in available specimens even in her hometown. “There were a couple guys that tried to be assholes about it, but I had five brothers and twice as many male cousins, and I was one of the younger siblings. Not many people wanted to start shit.”

Really, it had been very convenient. She chuckled at Ellie's words. “A good kind of crazy, I think.” But then again, being batshit seemed like a prerequisite for having anything to do with the Xavier Institute. Even Charles, who seemed to be normal, had a soft spot for Erik. And that made him one of the craziest, as far as Paige was concerned! “I used to share with my sister Cissie, but she decided to transfer to a fine arts college out in California at the end of last semester. I haven't technically had a roommate since then, but people drop by all the time.” Paige was never one to turn people away when they came to her.

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