Color Test

Anything you need to start playing - wanted lists, face claims, anything else that's relevant. No specific character sheet needed - simply tell us what we need to know about each character you wish to play.

Color Test

Postby Warlord » Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:52 am

Test crimson
Test lightpink
Test pink
Test palevioletred
Test lavederblush
Test hotpink
Test deeppink
Test maroon
Test mediumvioletred
Test orchid
Test thistle
Test plum
Test violet
Test fuchsia
Test magenta
Test purple
Test mediumorchid
Test darkviolet
Test darkorchid
Test indigo
Test blueviolet
Test purple
Test mediumpurple
Test darkslateblue
Test mediumslateblue
Test slateblue
Test lavender
Test blue
Test navy
Test midnightblue
Test royalblue
Test cornflowerblue
Test lightsteelblue
Test lightslategray
Test slategray
Test dodgerblue
Test steelblue
Test lightskyblue
Test skyblue
Test deepskyblue
Test lightblue
Test powderblue
Test cadetblue
Test turquoise
Test darkturquoise
Test lightcyan
Test paleturquoise
Test darkslategray
Test cyan
Test teal
Test mediumturquoise
Test lightseagreen
Test turquoise
Test aquamarine
Test mediumspringgreen
Test springgreen
Test mediumseagreen
Test seagreen
Test darkseagreen
Test palegreen
Test limegreen
Test forestgreen
Test lime
Test green
Test darkgreen
Test lawngreen
Test chartreuse
Test greenyellow
Test darkolivegreen
Test olivedrab
Test ivory
Test beige
Test lightyellow
Test lightgoldenrodyellow
Test yellow
Test olive
Test darkkhaki
Test khaki
Test palegoldenrod
Test lemonchiffon
Test gold
Test cornsilk
Test goldenrod
Test darkgoldenrod
Test burlywood
Test bisque
Test darkorange
Test orange
Test tan
Test peachpuff
Test sandybrown
Test chocolate
Test sienna
Test lightsalmon
Test orangered
Test darksalmon
Test salmon
Test coral
Test tomato
Test mistyrose
Test rosybrown
Test lightcoral
Test indianred
Test brown
Test firebrick
Test red
Test darkred
Test maroon
Test white
Test gainsboro
Test lightgrey
Test lightgray
Test silver
Test darkgrey
Test darkgray
Test gray
Test grey
Test black
Test dimgray
Test dimgrey
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